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Last updated: October 06, 2017

BTC EXCLUSIVE: This 13-Year-Old is Better At Updos Than You

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OK, prepare to be blown away—those gorgeous updos you’re looking at? Not the work of a highly experienced bridal artist. They were created by Adam Winwood, a 13-YEAR-OLD boy from Birmingham, U.K. He’s found a passion for hair and is clearly excelling! He even assists at Clay Hair Salon in Surrey, U.K.! He has a strong following, but since being featured on BTC’s Instagram @behindthechair_com, he gained more than 1,000 followers! WOW! We were thrilled to have a chance to interview Adam—check out how he develops his skills and some his best tips for updos!


Adam posts videos on his Instagram. Here, he shows how to do a quick style.


BTC: How did you get started doing hair?
I started becoming interested in doing hair when I was around nine. I started styling my cousins’ Bratz dolls. However, I got frustrated when my dolls’ hair was getting knotty, so my mom bought me a 100 percent real hair styling head and a very basic kit for Christmas when I was 10.


BTC: How do you learn?
Adam: I learn by watching YouTube videos on how to do the technique, then put the technique into a style. None of my family are hairdressers, so I’m not sure where it’s come from.


BTC: What are some of your duties at Clay Hair Salon?
Adam: I met James Davis (the owner of Clay Hair Salon) at Salon International a couple of years ago. He invited me to come down to his salon for work experience and training. I blow-dry, wash hair, clean work stations, mix colors, make coffee, sweep the floor, shadow stylists and style the hair of the staff and clients’ daughters. Also I am becoming familiar with how the client bookings are made. Everybody at Clay treats me like part of their salon family and makes me feel extremely welcome.


BTC: What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do as a result of your hair skills?
The coolest thing I’ve gotten to do through hairdressing is assist a lovely hairdresser called Jo Irvine at a charity event in London to style the hair of the cast of Downton Abbey. This was organized by James and a great experience. I have also met Patrick Cameron, John Frieda and Sophia Hilton.


Adam has a small salon in his back garden. When he’s not working there, he’s at Clay Hair Salon with James Davis!


BTC: What do you hope to do in the future?
Adam: In the future, I hope to own my own salon with a family of lovely stylists and become a famous hairdresser.


BTC: Which hairdressers do you look up to?
Adam: I get a lot of my inspiration from Laura Kaszoni @lalasupdos. I love her work. I also look up to James—he advises me, trains me, looks after both me and my mom—I consider him a very good friend.


BTC: What’s your favorite look you’ve ever created?
Adam: I love glamorous wedding/prom updos. Here are some of my favorites.


Three of Adam’s favorite updos!


BTC: What are your best tips for other hairdressers who want to be better at updos?
Adam: My tips for great updos are: 1. Never give up! 2. Keep trying. 3. Never rush. 4. For a softer look, pluck out any braids, twists or pin-ups.


BTC: What are your hobbies outside of hair?
Adam: I love swimming and indoor rock climbing. I go to a club for each every week. Also I love watching American TV shows, especially “Pretty Little Liars,” “Scream Queens” and “Once Upon a Time.” Every day I listen to music—I find it calming and relaxing.