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Last updated: February 16, 2023

How the Right Salon Can Help You Build A Successful Career

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5 Reasons You Need A Supportive Salon & How To Find Your 

We know the story: A young stylist finds themselves in a new salon and quickly realizes the vibes are off. Finding the right place to build your career can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to your career, never settle! A supportive salon environment is essential to career growth, opportunities and (of course!) building the clientele of your professional dreams. 


We spoke to five JCPenney Salon Master Stylists to find out how they found their salon, how it has given them the tools to succeed, retain clients and continue their education. Keep reading for five reasons you should take the next step on your salon journey, and how the right environment can level-up your success behind the chair. 


Reason #1: It Builds a Solid Foundation For Your Career

Finding a supportive salon from the beginning can help lay the foundation for a stable and successful career behind the chair. 


“The environment you put yourself in has a huge effect—positive or negative,” explains JCPenney Salon Master Stylist Karli Mendez (@karli_haircraft). “You’re building a cohesive identity with [that] salon. It will influence your productivity, client retention and is detrimental to your reputation as a stylist.” 


“JCPenney Salon has given me the opportunity to build my clientele, work with quality products and give me the proper education on how to use them,” says Karli. Photo Credit: Instagram via @karli_haircraft


Reason #2: It Creates a Collaborative Environment

Let’s be real, your salon coworkers are FAMILY. “I feel confident as a stylist knowing [that] I have my manager and team back me up as an artist and individual. I can turn [to them] if I need help accommodating a client—whether it be for help with a haircut technique or color formulation,” explains Brittnay Watson (@heyprettygirls_bristylesllc2) a Chicago-based Master Stylist for JCPenney Salon. “Our salon manager has taught us that with team collaboration, we can accomplish truly making our clients happy,” she adds. 


“Working for JCPenney Salon has allowed me to showcase braiding techniques, grow my confidence and helps me see where my passion can take me in this industry,” explains Brittnay. Photo Credit: Instagram via @heyprettygirls_bristylesllc2


Reason #3: It Can Help You Take Your Career to the Next Level 

Struggling with staying up on the latest trends? Can’t figure out how to navigate continuing education? These are all valid concerns and just a few of the areas where a supportive salon (and management team) can help take away some anxiety. 


“Working at a JCPenney Salon has helped me level-up my career tremendously,” explains Master Stylist Candice Massey (@candi_cutz_stylez). “By providing continuing education, product knowledge, helping me stay up-to-date on trends, developmental resources and building partnerships, as well as personal development” she explains. 


Also, the right salon environment can ensure that everyone is seen and heard in the salon. “A supportive salon creates the opportunity for everyone’s work to be showcased,” explains BTC Team Member and JCPenney Salon Stylist Brendnetta Ashley (@edgybgirl). “No matter if you’re a stylist or receptionist, JCPenney Salons make sure everyone is appreciated and valued as a team member,” she adds. 


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“Having a supportive salon culture is important to building a successful career behind the chair because the gathering of people helps inspire and increase knowledge and creativity,” Candice explains. Photo Credit via Instagram @candi_cutz_stylez


Reason #4: The Right Salon Builds Client Retention

A client’s salon experience will make or break their chances of coming back—first impressions are essential for success. “First impressions for clients are everything,” explains JCPenney Salon Master Stylist Bayer Ameen (@sandiegohairstylist_b). “It’s all about customer service, making them feel special and most importantly—consistency in your work ethic. All of this improves client trust, loyalty and retention,” she explains. 


“The salon experience should have a warm, welcoming energy for clients,” explains Candice. “It creates a space for clients to unwind, relax and socialize—allowing them to feel beautiful both inside and out,” she adds. 


“Confidence is key! Whether it’s trying a new technique or raising your prices. Being confident will set you apart from other stylists,” explains Bayar. Photo Credit: Instagram via @sandiegostylist_b


Reason #5: Most Importantly: The Right Salon Can Increase Your Revenue

There are a number of factors that contribute to a lucrative career behind the chair, and with the right salon, those factors are easy to navigate and check off your business building list. Here is a quick cheat sheet for ways to boost your income:


  • Always accept new clients (especially when starting your career)!
  • Specialize in a service you are passionate about
  • Show (don’t push) products to clients that will help them in between appointments
  • Offer online booking or make your booking process easy and understandable 
  • Set daily income goals 
  • Manage your schedule and workflow wisely to avoid burnout



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