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March 7, 2018

Don’t Let Your Client Leave Without This Blowout


Don’t Let Your Client Leave Without This Blowout

If you’re not ending every appointment with a blowout, then you’re missing out on quick cash and the opportunity to leave long-lasting impressions on your clientele.  That’s why we’re dishing out this flat wrap technique from The Salon by InStyle’s Creative Director Michelle O’Connor to start using behind the chair. Get the steps below to perfect your blowout, then make some hair magic!


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    Start by applying a blowout créme to damp hair. Michelle used Matrix Style Link Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam to create grip, texture and to give the hair memory.

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    Section the hair at the occipital in the back, then brush away the hair above the parting.


    Pro Tip: Sectioning the hair in this pattern will cut blow-dry time in half and eliminate the need for clips.

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    Tilt the head forward. Using a vent brush and tension, brush the nape section to the left and then to the right following the round of the head. Use the brush to bevel the ends.

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    Continue this blow-drying pattern in the back, then on both sides by working in horizontal partings.

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    In the lower crown area, switch to a flat wrap blow-dry technique. 

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    After the blowout, switch to a cushion brush with nylon bristles. Then, go back over every section with the dryer to smooth out and polish the look.

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    Then, apply a shine serum to create a sleek finish or a styling paste for a piecey effect.

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    Finished Look

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