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February 21, 2018

Long-Layered Cut


Long-Layered Cut

When your long-haired client is due for a cleanup but desperate to keep her length, this is the cut you give her. Long layers create movement throughout the interior, give her versatility when styling and won’t reveal the graduation from one layer to the next. The best part? She can keep her length! Find out how The Salon by InStyle’s Creative Director Dilek Onur-Taylor cuts long layers in the steps below!


Manufacturer: JCPenney Salon



  • 1

    Create a rectangular section from the hairline to the crown, then isolate a 1-inch fringe section and point-cut to establish a length below the chin. 

  • 2

    Next, create a 2- by 1-inch rectangular section from the corner of each eye to the crown.

  • 3

    At the crown, create a horizontal subsection at the back of the rectangle. Hold the section straight out from the head, position your fingers horizontally and point-cut. 

  • 4

    Then, place the blades downward and blend the layer by deep point-cutting, utilizing the full length of the blade. 

  • 5

    Fan the ends out, insert the blades and slice upwards to finish blending.

  • 6

    Create a vertical subsection in the center of the rectangular section. Using the previous section as a guide, direct each subsection forward and point-cut. Then, blend the ends by deep point-cutting and slicing upward.

  • 7

    Work toward the outside of the rectangular section on each side, overdirecting each subsection to the previous section. Then, section and separate the sides from the back.

  • 8

    Using the crown section as a guide, create a ½-inch vertical center back section. Then, lift and point-cut where the length begins to drop. Elevate and point-cut to establish the length, then deep point-cut and fan cut the ends. 

  • 9

    Using a traveling guide, work toward each side of the head in this manner and overdirect the last sections on each side slightly.

  • 10

    In the crown, lift a vertical section and connect it from bottom to the top with the shortest point of the crown by point-cutting. Then, deep point-cut and fan cut to blend. Continue by working in radial sections. 

  • 11

    On the side, part the hair from the crown to behind the ear and create a pie-shaped subsection. Lift the hair straight up and point-cut to re-establish the length. Re-comb and deep point-cut, then fan cut to blend using the crown as a guide. Work forward to the hairline in this manner.

  • 12

    Then, create a 1-inch hairline section on each side, overdirect forward and connect the shortest point. 

  • 13

    Comb the hair back and refine the perimeter by cutting the ends straight across. Then, direct all the hair forward, blend the ends and point-cut.

  • 14

    Finished look

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