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Last updated: August 17, 2017

Balayage On Smooth, Fine Hair + Styling To Complement Color

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  • Formula A:

    L’Oréal Professionnel Blond Studio Platinium Plus + 30-volume L’Oréal Professionnel Blond Studio Nutri-Developer

  • Formula B:

    L’Oréal Professionnel Blond Studio Sunkissed Lightening Oil + 20-volume Nutri-Developer

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Classic balayage—it’s anything but basic, and mastering the technical side of the application takes time and practice. But the hard part doesn’t stop after the color service is complete. Creating a style that truly complements the color work can sometimes be even more difficult.


To help stylists everywhere with both of these common services behind the chair, we hosted a Facebook Live with balayage expert Theresa Adams and celebrity/Project Runway stylist Jennifer MacDougall. Watch the L’Oréal Professionnel artists share tips on perfecting the classic French color technique and a how-to for styling colored hair in the video below.


Don’t miss Jennifer’s Project Runway hair cheat about 25 minutes in, and two tips from the video below. Plus, check out the before and after shots and color formulas in the slideshow above. 



Products Used



Balayage On Smooth Hair

  • Know This: Theresa says this type of hair is both a blessing and a curse for colorists because it shows every little detail of the color work.
  • Do This: Be very particular with the application when working on fine hair. Work with a brush and your hands to glide and saturate the product.
  • Takeaway Tip: Use one brush in the product bowl and one brush to apply the lightener. Always use the brush in the product bowl to add more lightener to your hand or paddle. This will ensure your working brush is always clean, and will result in a smoother application of product.


Keep The Style Fresh

  • Know This: Jennifer says that backcombing can sometimes date your finished look.
  • Do This: To avoid a dated end result, use a thickening powder (like Tecni.Art’s Super Dust Styling Powder), at the root before you start the style. This will create grip, texture and volume throughout the hair without having to go in and backcomb.

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