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Last updated: June 13, 2018

Watch and Learn: 1 Color Technique, 2 Styling Tips

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There’s a reason the L’ANZA Healing Haircare team won Brand Education Team of the Year at SCA 2017—they’re always bringing the newest, most innovative techniques and tips to the stage! So, it was no surprise that Matt Swinney, Leah Freeman and Ammon Carver dished out major education at #thebtcshow. Here are three takeaways from their B.I.G. presentation!


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Your New Go-To Tool: An Elastic Cord
Swap out your elastic band with an elastic cord for a gentle, flexible hold. Wrap the cord around the hair and create an X with the two tips. Pull the cord through the hole two times and cinch it (pulling it to the left, right and left again) and it will secure like a zip tie.



Reduce 75% Of Your Balayage Work
Starting in the base of the crown, take a 1-inch section, bring it forward and create a double-banded ponytail. Taking a slice in between each section, continue to work all the way around the head. Take the ponytails, spread them apart and apply Healing Color Cream Decolorizer on each section. Then, balayage the slices in between. 


Back-Brushing Is The New Backcombing
When you’re styling waves, skip backcombing and “back-brush” instead—tapping the brush underneath the hair to spread out the curl—for a softer look!


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