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Last updated: October 01, 2021

5 Foiling Tips To Transition Summer Blondes Into Fall

Here’s How To Add Depth Back Into Bright, Summer Blondes

It’s that time of year where your blonde clients want something with a little more depth to fit the season, and L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Color Director Leah Freeman (@leahfreeman1) has just the technique for you! Keep scrolling to get her foiling tips on how to add more dimension back into blondes, while still ensuring maximum brightness. Don’t forget to check out the finished look and tap the beaker for the formulas!


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1. Depth Is Added At The Parietal Ridge

When sectioning, Leah separates the parietal ridge area from the top of the head because that’s where she’ll apply low lights using L’ANZA Healing Color to add depth back into the hair. The rest of the hair is highlighted using L’ANZA Healing Color Powder Decolorizer.


Check Out The Before & After!

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2. Ensuring Maximum Brightness

Leah likes to foil using a slice and weave variation to ensure brightness in the front and towards the back of the head. Here’s how she does it:


  • When working from the outside to the interior of the hair, start the section as if taking a slice, then start weaving towards the middle.


  • If working from the middle toward the outside of the head, start weaving first and then take a slice.


  • This creates a large pop of color on the outside where the slice is, and a diffusion of color in the interior where the weave lives.


Note: When applying lightener, use the softest part of the brush to avoid creating harsh lines at the retouch area.


3. Sandwiching Vs. Folding Foils

Did you know that folding foils can actually slow the lightener’s lift? If you have a client who is a Level 6 or higher that lifts easily, you can slow down the lifting process and give yourself more time to work by folding the foil. When dealing with clients darker than a Level 6 who need more help reaching the desired level, sandwiching the foils is a better alternative to ensure maximum lift. 


Tap The Beaker For the Formulas!

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  • Formula A

    1 part L'ANZA Healing Color Powder Decolorizer + 2 parts 20-volume developer

  • Formula B

    1 part L'ANZA Healing Color 8NV + 2 parts L'ANZA Healing Color Demi Cream Developer

  • Formula C

    20g L'ANZA Healing Color 6NV + 10g 7P + 5g 4NA + L'ANZA Healing Color Demi Cream Developer


4. Painting At The Hairline

If a client wears their hair up a lot and wants to see brightness around the perimeter, place the foil upside down at the hairline and paint upwards. This helps avoid seeing any unwanted lines or hot spots when the hair is pulled back.


Pro Tip: If a client has a very thin hairline at the nape, use the top of a tail comb to get all the short and long hairs together before foiling. You can also apply a little hairspray to the section for extra hold.


5. Slow At Foiling? Remember This!

If you’re not the fastest at foiling, a good rule of thumb to remember is to never stay too long on one side so both can process at the same time. Leah recommends focusing no longer than seven minutes on one section, before switching to the other side.


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