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Last updated: July 12, 2021

6 Foiling Tips For Bright, Summer Blondes

Improve Your Foiling Technique With These Tips!

Can you ever have ENOUGH blonding education? L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Color Director Leah Freeman (@leahfreeman1) demoed her foiling technique for adding brightness and depth to summer blondes and we pulled six tips from the video above that will instantly up your foiling game! Keep scrolling to check out the finished look and grab the formulas! 


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1. Foil Length Should Match Hair Length

When placing foils, make sure the length of the hair matches the length of the foil. This little step will help you achieve a seamless application.


2. Use Embossed Foils

The foils you use can influence how close to the scalp you can get.Leah likes to use embossed foils, because they’re lightweight and easily slide right up to the roots. Plus, they can be cut to length for easy customization.


3. Folding Foils Vs. Sandwiching Foils

Leah prefers to fold foils when the the client’s hair is already light, because she gains lightness with control. If the client’s hair is dark, she recommends sandwiching another foil on top so it can process completely flat for a nice, clean lift.


4. Alternate Developer Volumes

When foiling, Leah alternates between 20- and 10-volume developer to avoid over processing the model’s color-treated hair. She applied L’ANZA Healing Color Powder Decolorizer with 20-volume on virgin hair from the roots to the midlengths and 10-volume on the previously lightened ends. 


Leah also used 10-volume developer around the face frame, because the hair is more fragile in that area plus heat from the scalp and skin processes the foils faster.


Check Out The Before & After Below!

close formula


5. Use A Balayage Board

Just because you’re using foils, doesn’t mean you can’t use a balayage board. Simply place the board underneath a foil to hold the section steady, then apply lightener as usual. The board allows you to get a flat application which guarantees even lightness from top to bottom.


6. Create Depth While Foiling

When creating depth in the interior, a lot of stylists will foil the head and then go back in to add depth. Leah prefers to add depth as she’s foiling by taking a small slice, skipping a section and taking another small slice, which creates a cutout V-shape. The left out section in between both slices is your depth.


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