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Last updated: November 14, 2017

Four Ways to Flamboyage

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You’ve definitely heard of it before—Flamboyage, the self-adhering, see-through meche strips that allows you to give a more precise, creative color. And you’re totally curious, but you’ve got some questions first! No problem! You asked and we’ve answered.

Why is Flamboyage more efficient than other color accesories?
Flamboyage allows any hair artist the ability
 to combine the precision of foiling and creativity of freehand color application. These meche strips are transparent, so you can watch this look process, keeping an eye on your client’s transformation from drab dame to multidimensional beauty.


What makes Flamboyage color results so special?
Because of its self-adhering quality, Flamboyage grabs spontaneous parts of the hair using the natural movement of the meche to create a beautiful, blended color. It offers you way more dimension than regular foiling, keeping it natural, subtle and artistic. With foils, hair can clump up and color gets blocky. But these strips stay solidly on the hair, no moving, so your color is precise and gorgeous.


Is the stickiness of the meche going to hurt and/or damage my clients hair?
Absolutely not. Flamboyage is crazy easy to remove and won’t hurt or inconvenience your client (or you) in any way. It’s all about having an efficient, artistic experience!


How does Flamboyage modify the techniques I already use?
Honestly, they make them better—more creative and precise. But don’t just take our word for it. Thanks to the good folks at Davines, you can take a peek at the tutorials below and see some (not all!) of the ways you can use your Flamboyage!


The Techniques

Classic Highlights










Double Meche Technique