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Last updated: September 09, 2020

Watch: 3 Client-Friendly Styling Tips

For Clients Who Want To Look Their Best On Zoom Calls

The next time your client asks for tips on how they can refresh their salon blowout—show them this video! Hairstylist and educator Craig Carter (@craigcarterhairstylist) broke down simple at-home tips and tricks for your clients to effortlessly blowout and curl their hair using L’ANZA Healing Haircare’s new Wellness CBD Collection! Watch the video above and keep scrolling for the finished look!


Do This Before You Blow-Dry

Start with a deep cleanse of the scalp and hair to set a longlasting foundation for your client. After cleansing the hair with the L’ANZA Wellness CBD REVIVE Shampoo and CBD REVIVE Conditioner, Craig recommends applying a few drops of the L’ANZA Wellness CBD Soothing Serum with the L’ANZA Healing Haircare Healing Style Foundation Mousse to the hands and running it through damp strands. Follow those two products with L’ANZA Healing Haircare Keratin Healing Oil to add shine before blowdrying. It’s best to apply products to wet hair versus dry because it’s easier to distribute and absorb into the hair.


Get A Silky Blowout

Craig advises his clients to use a round brush to straighten and curl the hair while blowdrying. The key to getting the hair completely dry is to take small sections, then move the dryer over the roots, down the mid-shaft and over the ends. Once finished, the hair can be worn without further heat styling. Explain your technique to the client as you work to make it feel accessible. The more education you give your client, the more loyal she will be!


Pro Tip: Let the blowdried hair cool on the brush before you release it to hold the curl. 


Here’s What You Need To Finish The Look

Your client can use either a wand curler, flat iron or Marcel iron to curl the hair—whatever’s easiest for them! Once the curls are finished, apply CBD Soothing Serum and Keratin Healing Oil to the hands and rake through the curls or use a wide-tooth comb.


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