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Last updated: September 30, 2020

Watch: Micro Point Links Installation Technique

Learn About Micro Point Links and Cyberhair Solutions

Have you heard of Micro Point Links? This strand-by-strand technique attaches a unique type of nylon hair to the natural hair, offering targeted solutions for thinning hair and up to 400 percent more volume. It’s an innovative moneymaking service idea you can offer ASAP, plus we have a special deal on the cost of certification, so watch the video above and keep reading for all the details from International Hairgoods!


What Is The Micro Point Links Technique?

Here are the facts about Micro Point Links:

  • The technique involves knotting between 2-4 Cyberhairs to a single existing hair strand—no glue is used in the service.
  • It’s a precise application of Cyberhair to a small area of the head in a service that typically takes about 90 minutes.
  • Because it involves very small knots that are not noticeable, Micro Point Links can be placed very close to the temples, hairline and part.
  • It’s a solution ideal for both men and women who want the results of a hair transplant in one session.
  • No removal is necessary. Micro Point Links stay attached to the hair until the hair falls out naturally or is cut off.


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What is Cyberhair?

Cyberhair is made of nylon, not affected by haircolor or lightener, and 3 times lighter and 4 times stronger than natural hair. International Hairgoods carries 27 shades of 10-inch length Cyberhair. The hair has a bit of a wave to it, and its reflective finish makes it easy to blend with any haircolor. Clients with Cyberhair can use hot tools and blow dryers as normal, up to 350 degrees.


Who Is This Technique For?

Think about your current client list. Which clients have said the following things while in your chair?


  • “I wish I had more hair at my temples.”
  • “Can you comb my hair to cover my bald spot?”
  • “My hair feels so sparse at my crown.”
  • “I want to see more fullness right away.”
  • “I love my long hair extensions, but wish we could add extensions right at my hairline for added thickness.”


These are the clients who would be perfect for Micro Point Links. The ideal client is experiencing 20 to 30 percent diffused hair loss.


Who Is This Technique NOT For?

Clients who desire to add serious length to their hair will not benefit from Micro Point Links. This technique is not a global hair application for length—instead, it’s a targeted solution to add fullness to thinning areas.


However, extension specialists CAN use Micro Point Links with current extensions clients who want more fullness in areas of the head that traditional extensions can’t be placed, such as extremely close to the hairline and part.


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How Often Do Clients Come Back For Service?

International Hairgoods recommends clients coming back every four weeks to have more hair added, because the existing Micro Point Links will shed with the client’s natural hair cycle. Because CyberHair is so strong, their at-home care is low maintenance—they can treat the hair the way they would their natural hair.


How Can I Offer This Service In My Business?

You must become certified in Micro Point Links, and here’s the best part: The certification is $1,000 off RIGHT NOW for BTC friends. Use code BTC920 until Oct. 31, 2020 to get the certification for $500 (usually $1,500!). Click here to register! Here’s what the certification entails:


  • When you sign up, you get access to an online learning platform with chapters on everything you need to know about Micro Point Links.
  • You may work through these chapters at your own time and pace.
  • When you reach the end, you take a test.
  • After the test, you will be scheduled for a live Zoom call with a trainer who will answer your questions, and you can even practice on a live model during the Zoom call for realtime feedback.
  • You’ll also receive a kit with practice hair, a mannequin and all the tools needed to offer Micro Point Links.


Get $1,000 Off Micro Point Solutions Certification: Use Code BTC920! Click Here To Register 


How Much Can I Charge For Micro Point Links?

International Hairgoods says this varies widely by your location and other factors, so the company will help you determine your pricing structure and even offers ideas on how to market the service. Two ideas we loved are below!


  • Let Them Try Micro Point Links: When a client that is experiencing thinning is sitting in your chair, let them know that you have a solution that offers immediate results and that you’ll let them try it out for free. At the end of their service, install the Micro Point Links and explain that you want them to live with them and discuss how they feel at their next appointment. Do this for two or three clients right away, and you’ll likely see them become repeat Micro Point Links clients!


  • Do A Service In Front Of Others: Install Micro Point Links on a client or model out in the open, in front of other salon clients. They will naturally be intrigued and will want to know what you’re doing and how it can benefit them.


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