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Last updated: May 18, 2023

5 Blonding Tips You Haven’t Read Anywhere Else

the best blonding tips
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These Blonding Tips Will Change The Way You Lighten Hair

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about blonding—TRUSS Professional’s Global Ambassadors Chrissy Danielle Lotenero (@hairbychrissydanielle), Mickey Colon Jr. (@mickeycolonjr) and Gabriel Samra (@gabrielsamra) took the stage at TRUSS On Tour’s New York show to spill their most coveted blonding secrets.


TRUSS’ New York show was the first stop of the tour and offered two full days of education with the three Global Ambassadors (along with guest appearances from Asilcan Simsek (@asil) and Sarayah Hernandez (@hairbysarayah). The first day was dedicated to look-and-learn stage talks, while the second consisted of hands-on education with personalized coaching in a classroom setting.


1. Create a blonde halo for easy blending. 

Chrissy’s signature “Halo Blonding” begins with foiling at the nape and working your way around the head to the money piece—resulting in a halo of blonde. This technique makes for a seamless grow-out and creates a high-dimension, illuminating blonde.


For an even brighter halo that frames the face, Chrissy creates a weave within a half-painted foil for a balayaged look.


Pro Tip: Paint your lightener high within the foils that touch your client’s face for an extra bright pop.



2. Bend foils at the hairline to avoid slippage.

Folding foils doesn’t have to be intimidating—in fact, Chrissy shares a major tip for “slip insurance” is to slightly bend the foil in half. However, if hair is too long or heavy to fold, she lets the foil lay flat and creates a sandwich of hair using a top foil to avoid slippage. 


the best blonding tips

Mickey’s go-to Air-Touch technique begins by blow-drying the root of each section to separate breakage and new growth away from the hair you should actually foil. This technique results in a detailed, healthier blonde to avoid flyaways and further damage.
Here’s Mickey’s process:
  • Tightly pinch the end of your section and pull taut away from the head.
  • Hold the blowdryer an inch away from the root and direct the air flow up and down by flicking your wrist back and forth.
  • Take the hair that was pushed out of the section (it will be underneath the section you’re pinching) and push it away before foiling the longer hair.


4. Use A Level 10 Toner To Blend Color Melts

You don’t have to mix up a hundred bowls to create one smooth gradient. For a seamless color melt, Mickey uses TRUSS Hair Concept Semi-Permanent Toner 10.89 as a blending agent to melt Hair Concept Semi-Permanent Toner 7.1 from the root through the midshaft.


The catch? You HAVE to be fast—here’s why:
Application has to be fast (like in under 15 minutes fast). Mickey first tapped the Level 7 on the root, then followed up with the Level 10 from the root through the midshaft and brushed through to melt them together before moving on to the next section.


the best blonding tips


According to Gabriel, TRUSS’ lighteners Blanc Blond and Air Libre can be mixed together to achieve a balanced, nourished blonde. “You have the best of both—the blue pigment and the high intensity from Blanc Blond but the benefit of the oils, collagen and the little warmth for the color,” he shared.

the best blonding tips

More TRUSS On Tour Dates & Cities:

Chicago, IL: July 16 and 17, 2023

Denver, CO: September 10 and 11, 2023

Oregon: October 15 and 16, 2023

Philadelphia, PA: October 22 and 23, 2023


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