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September 7, 2017

Hair Extension Removal & Reapplication Board

Need a way to make reapplying tape-in extensions easier? With the new hairtalk® Removal & Reapplication Board it’s easier than ever to keep extensions organized and the reapplication process simple. Made out of sturdy yet lightweight material, the Reapp Board is easy to sanitize, fits on a stylist tray and the hairtalk® extensions adhere to it perfectly.


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Manufacturer: Hairtalk, @hairtalkusa

How To Use

 1. Start by removing the top row of extensions, sides first. Place the top extension on Row 5 Top, then remove the bottom extension and place on Row 5 Bottom.


2. After completing removal of top row, continue up the board row by row until you have reached Row 1. This will allow for proper reapplication when you apply the adhesive bands.


3. To reapply, start by applying the bottom extensions first. Begin at Row 1 bottom. Remove the extension from Row 1 bottom, and apply a new adhesive band to the extension. Apply extension to client’s hair. Remove the extension from Row 1 top, apply a new adhesive band to the extension and then apply the extension to the client’s hair.


4. Continue to work down the board. Always remove the bottom extension first and apply, then remove the top extension and apply. This will ensure proper application and placement.


5. Application will be complete once Row 5 is reached and all of the extensions have been reapplied to the client’s hair.


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