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November 9, 2017

Chemical-Free Balayage


Chemical-Free Balayage

Color without chemicals—despite what you might think, we’re here to tell you that it’s completely possible. With hairtalk® Extensions, updating a washed-out balayage or creating a brand-new color melt can take less time than a traditional color service, is done without any chemicals and can create super-dimensional results.


“Many stylists don’t realize all of the different color combinations that are available when using extensions.” says Alicia Iannone, (@liciebaby) hairtalk® educatorplatform artist and stylist at the William Robert Salon in Cherry Hill, N.J. “Or if they do, they’ll stick to one combination throughout the entire application. Instead, stylists should try using different color combinations to enhance the balayage.”


Watch Alicia create volume and a seamless balayage using the new Colormelt color 6/60A CM paired with three different colors: 8, 23, and the new platinum 60A. The three colors create different melted effects throughout the head for a seamless end result.


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Manufacturer: Hairtalk, @hairtalkusa

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    Starting in the nape, apply 6/60A CM hairtalk® Originial Colormelt Extensions paired with color 8 (Dark Ash Blonde) underneath. The 8 will create a lowlight effect when married to the 6/60A CM and will soften the melt.

  • 3

    Repeat step 1 for the first three rows of the head.

  • 4

    Once reaching the fourth row of application, replace the 8 with color 23 (Natural Golden Blonde). This color, when mixed with the 6/60A CM, will create more of a highlighted effect.

  • 5

    Continue applying 6/60A CM with color 23 underneath for two complete rows.

  • 6

    Once reaching the top and side sections, pair the 6/60A CM with the 60A (platinum blonde) underneath. This will create a super-bold effect. Create one complete row with this color combination for the perfect face-framing end result.

  • 7

    After all the extensions are applied, angle the client’s front perimeter.

  • 8

    Finished look. 

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