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Last updated: November 07, 2017

Color Melt With Extensions

Plus, tips on applying, maintaining and reusing hairtalk® USA extensions!

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Adding extension services not only makes you more money—they also give you new ways to grow as a stylist. We know you’re interested in extension services, because the Facebook Live we did with hairtalk® educator Alicia Iannone, @liciebaby, (while on location at William Robert Salon in Cherry Hill, NJ.,) reached more than 1 million people instantly! Check out our breakdown of extension services tips, plus see the entire video below.


Before and after.


Match Extensions With Her Hair

  • Don’t use her root color to determine the extension color. Instead, color-match from the mids to the ends.
    • Here’s why: Extensions are meant to do just that—extend the hair. Matching the mids hue emphasizes the elongation of the hair and creates a seamless color flow.
  • Use different shades. For each sandwich, Alicia used the existing 5/23 Colormelt extension on the bottom and the new hairtalk Colormelt 5/613 on top.
    • Here’s why: Clients have many color tones, so for a better match and more dimension, use different shades in the same color family. You can even use extensions to create highlights or lowlights.
  • Examine her hair density to determine how much hair to use.
    • Here’s why: Using too much hair reduces the tape’s longevity, and too little hair will cause tension on her scalp. An average head uses about two to three packs of hairtalk® extensions, depending on density.


Color-match the extensions from the mids through to the ends—never at the root!


Apply Extensions For Maximum Longevity

  • Place extensions so they’re undetectable. That means starting the first row about three fingers up from the nape and two to three fingers back from the front hairline.
    • Here’s why: Proper spacing will ensure the tape is hidden when she pulls her hair up. If her hair is very thin or fine, you can leave even more room by the ears and hairline.
  • Density determines how much space to leave between rows. A finger-width between rows is a good starting point. For those with lots of hair, the rows can be closer.
  • Apply extensions about 1/8 inch from the root for a comfortable growout.


Take hair density and placement into consideration when applying the extensions.


Educate The Client On Proper Care Expectations

  • hairtalk extensions will last 8 to 10 weeks. That means she needs to come get them serviced every 8 to 10 weeks. Make sure she understands this prior to installation.
  • Explain that at-home care determines how long her extensions will last. hairtalk® tape-in extensions can be reused up to three times depending on how well they are maintained.
  • Send the client home with a hairtalk® hair care set (including shampoo, conditioner, masque and an extension brush) to make it easier to care for her extensions.
  • Tell her to avoid using conditioner at her roots and to keep her flat iron away from the tape tab for maximum longevity.


Watch the Facebook Live and see the entire transformation!



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