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Last updated: January 11, 2021

Disconnected Pixie

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Disconnected Pixie

Pixies don’t always have to be edgy—whether a client’s hair is straight, curly, fine or thick, a pixie cut done right can offer a soft and feminine end result. With super-clean sections and this point-cutting technique from Moroccanoil®, stylists can create structured movement and loose texture for the ultimate disconnected pixie. Here’s how it’s done.


Manufacturer: Moroccanoil, @moroccanoilpro

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    First, cleanse and condition the hair with Moroccanoil® Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. Then, prime the hair with Moroccanoil® Treatment from the midlengths through the ends and apply Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream from roots through ends. After prepping, prepare for the cut by establishing a horseshoe parting around the parietal ridge. 

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    Secure the hair above the horseshoe with styling clips.

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    Isolate and secure the front-right and the front-left side sections below the horseshoe.

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    Begin in the back by creating a 1-inch, central-vertical subsection extending from the horseshoe down to the nape.

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    Distribute and elevate the hair to 90 degrees from the subsection, then point-cut the hair to follow the round of the head shape while decreasing length toward the nape.

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    Using the central-vertical subsection as a traveling guide, point-cut the hair working from the center to the front-right side, then from the center to the front-left side.

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    Next, release the hair above the horseshoe. Create an ear-to-ear radial parting and a central-vertical parting extending from the high point to the front hairline. Comb the hair behind the ear-to-ear radial parting to natural fall with minimal elevation, and use a scissors-up technique to create a horizontal baseline at the occipital area.

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    Comb the hair on the right side to natural fall and continue the baseline from the back to the front.


    Pro Tip: Overdirect the hair in front of the recession area toward the side to save length. Repeat on the left side, then check balance.

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    Reestablish the ear-to-ear radial and central-vertical partings. Then, create a pivoting radial subsection behind the high point. Distribute the hair perpendicular to the horizon. Point-cut a guide from the high point toward the perimeter, working from shorter to longer. Use the initial pivoting radial subsection as a traveling guide. Continue to use pivoting radial subsections, point-cutting toward the right until you reach the central-vertical parting. Repeat on the left side.

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    Check the balance of the cut, then use the scissors-up technique to detail the perimeter. 

    To style, apply a single pump of Moroccanoil® Smoothing Lotion from the roots through to the ends and rough-dry. Use a Denman brush to blow-dry the hair forward, using the round of the head to smooth the hair. Continue to blow-dry while directing the hair toward the left side, creating a slight bend at the ends of the hair. Use scissors-up to further detail the perimeter and use scissors-down to enhance internal texture. Apply Moroccanoil® Texture Clay to define and finish. 

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    Finished Look. 

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