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July 9, 2013

Ombré with Extensions from Great Lengths


Ombré with Extensions from Great Lengths

Many folks think that extensions are meant to beef up locks with long, luscious strands…and that’s the end of the story. Not so fast. These multi-tasking little marvels can be called upon to perform a wide variety of services, including adding out-of-the-box color and texture to a dramatic crop, like the one you see here. In this case, discover how Great Lengths’ “Ombré” shades are used to create a style that’s both edgy and decidedly elegant!


who did it:
hair: Mario Gutmann, Artistic Director, Great Lengths Germany
website: greatlengthsusa.com



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    Great Lengths Ombre #61/#59 on tips
    Great Lengths Ombre #09/#71 on tips
    Use eight-inch lengths/total of 20-22 fine bond strands

    1. Create a v-shaped section just behind the hairline, to the left of the natural part. Apply strands using the Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000 method with flat bond attachment formations.

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    2. Create a u-shaped section at the top of the head and crop all sections below the parting using a scissorover-comb technique.

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    3. Release the top section and create a soft edge using a downward slicing technique.

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    4. Continue around the head in this manner to determine the outer edge guide length.

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    5. Use an upward slicing technique to support the top section and blend the top and undercut sections.

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    6. Continue cutting the entire u-shape section in this manner.

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    7. Using a point-cut technique, cut the fringe section to the desired length.

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