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Last updated: May 26, 2017

The Convertible Man by Living Proof

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The Convertible Man by Living Proof

Just like putting the top down on a classic car, this cut gives the modern man everything he is looking for in today’s changing world. Using a combination of tools and cutting techniques, this cut can easily transform a high velocity, punk-inspired coif into a sleek and sophisticated look that’s dapper enough for a night on the town. Cut by Living Proof Celebrity Stylist Chris McMillan.


Artist: Chris McMillan

Products Used



  • 1

    Cleanse and condition based on client’s hair type with a Living Proof Shampoo & Conditioner. Follow with Prime Style Extender on damp hair to prep style and use as a cutting lotion. Comb though. For additional slip, layer Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector.

  • 2

    Create a horseshoe parting above the parietal ridge.

  • 3

    Cut the parietal ridge section using scissor-over-comb to reduce the bulk.

  • 4

    Scissor-over-comb to clean up the sides, leaving edges around the ears for a soft, organic finish.

  • 5

    For unruly hairlines, push hair away from the hairline with your hands. Using a razor, create a straight line to clean up the hairs.

  • 6

    Drop the hair back to natural fall. Use texture shears or a razor to create an organic neckline.

  • 7

    Blow-dry smooth with a round brush.

  • 8

    Combing the hair to the right using a wide-tooth comb, overdirect the hair toward the apex while cutting in motion with texture shears.

  • 9

    Repeat on the left side in the same manner.

  • 10

    Comb all the hair up and point-cut the tips into a square shape.

  • 11

    Comb all the hair into the center back and remove the tip of the hair.

  • 12

    Using texture shears, blend the top of the cut to the bottom in the back and sides.

  • 13

    Styling Option 1

    Finish the look with Instant Texture Mist followed by Amp2 Instant Texture Volumizer to tame the sides.

  • 14

    Styling Option 2

    1. Re-wash and condition the hair with appropriate product.

    2. Apply Full Thickening Cream, and comb close to the head.

    3. Spray with Control Hairspray without touching until dry. Once dry, brush with a boar bristle flat brush, then finish with additional Control Hairspray as needed.

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