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Last updated: September 20, 2017

Full-Blown Volume

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Full-Blown Volume

If your guest wants a big, statement-making look—this is it. If you need a new way to create volume as a base for any gorgeous upstyle—this is also it. With Living Proof’s “smart” products and foolproof techniques, styling options are endless. Here’s how to create big volume fast. 


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    Prep: Spray Living Proof Flex Hairspray throughout damp hair, then rough-dry while overdirecting the hair for added volume.


    After the hair is 50 to 80 percent dry, go back in and blow-dry section by section with a round brush, spraying Living Proof Blowout on each section. Focus on the roots and work the product through to the ends.

  • 2

    After each section is dry, roll up and clip away from the face.

  • 3

    To reinforce the foundation, reheat each section with a curling iron and re-clip.

  • 4

    After each set has cooled, begin to tease the hair. This will create the base for the finished look. 

  • 5

    Starting at the root and taking 2-inch subsections, tease the hair with a fine-tooth comb and Flex Hairspray. Move section by section until the entire head is complete.

  • 6

    While working on the side sections, overdirect larger sections toward the face and up, then tease down. This will create a voluminous shape once the hair is brushed back for the finished look.

  • 7

    Once the entire head is complete, free up the tease with your hands (this will add more life to the look), and finish the style with Living Proof Control Hairspray.


    Pro Tip: This style can also be used as a base for creating updos—the massive volume creates a great foundational starting point. 

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