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Last updated: January 13, 2023

4 Foil, Toning & Maintenance Tips for Winter Blondes

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Hair Color Maintenance Tips For Bright, Healthy Hues

Seasons may change, but our blonde clients never do. So, to keep your blondes merry, blended and bright this winter we’re sharing four tips to start using ASAP.


Keep scrolling for some need-to-know tricks on fresh foils, toning and how to keep hair healthy all year long!


1. Try Foil Pulling for A Blended Transition

Yes, pulling foils as they process is a fool-proof way to avoid overprocessing, but foil pulling is the extra step you need to level up your blonding services. “Foil pulling takes a little more time, but it helps me achieve more even, blended results,” explains BTC Team Member Lisa Mathews (@hairbylisamathews)


Let’s break it down:

  • Start by applying highlights on the regrowth only.
  • After processing, pull each foil. Then, use your fingers to drag the lightener down into the clean ends. 
  • After blending, apply lightener directly onto the ends (no foils needed) to brighten them up!


Pro Tip: Save the lightener used for the traditional highlights to brighten the ends. “Since the product has been sitting, it’s not as strong as freshly mixed lightener and is perfect for applying to the ends,” Lisa explains. “I usually only leave it on for a few minutes,” she adds. 


Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews


2. Upgrade The Face Frame in FOUR Foils

Repeat after us: The nape is part of the face frame—yes, we said it. And BTC Team Member Adina Pignatare (@adina_pignatare) is spilling her secrets on how to upgrade with just four foils. 


“Adding just four foils completely changed everything,” she explains. “They elongate [the client’s] money piece and brighten her right up,” she adds. Here’s how:


  • Start with two diagonal back sections starting behind the top of each ear to the middle of the nape. 
  • Split the section horizontally, followed by a gentle tease and organic weave.
  • Preload your board for maximum saturation, apply lightener and secure in a foil. 
  • Repeat for each section, totaling four foils (two behind each ear).  


Pro Tip: Don’t skip the treatments! Before you grab the blowdryer, Adina suggests applying Triple Bond Complex from Living Proof. This weekly add-on treatment is heat activated, so you don’t have to worry about rinsing before styling. PLUS, it’s the perfect product to send clients home with to keep hair healthy between appointments. 


Hit play to learn a FAST face frame upgrade!

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3. Refresh Tones—On Level!

Looking to ward off warmth this season? Lisa has a tip for that: make sure to formulate your toners to the client’s level of lift. “If the client is a Level 9, then you should not use a Level 10 toner,” she explains. Why? Bumping up the toner lever WON’T make blondes brighter, if anything it could dull out tones. 


Pro tip: For a softer root tap, apply the all-over gloss first. Then, apply the root tap on top of the processing glaze. 


Need some winter toning inspo? Hit the beaker for Lisa’s Titanium Blonde formula!

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close formula
  • Formula A (root tap)

    Redken Shades EQ 08N + 7NA + Redken Shades EQ Processing Solution

  • Formula B (mids-ends toner)

    Shades EQ 010VV + 010T + 010P + Shades EQ Processing Solution


4. Keep Blondes Healthy with HEAT (and this product)! 

Healthy hair = happy blondes! After the perfect color service Adina grabs the Triple Bond Complex. Why? It builds all THREE bonds found in the hair, repairs and prevents breakage and is activated by heat (offering protection up to 450 degrees of course!)


Her go-to combo: Living Proof Triple Bond Complex + Vanishing Oil. “The Triple Bond Complex focuses on repairing the hair while the oil is hydrating and gives the hair manageability,” Adina explains. 


Hit play to watch how it’s done—and CLICK HERE to get exclusive pro pricing!

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A post shared by ADINA | BALAYAGE | HAIR VIDEOS | EDU (@adina_pignatare)


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