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April 7, 2011

How To Create Kim Kardashian’s Look By Philip Wolff


How To Create Kim Kardashian’s Look By Philip Wolff

Longtime LA-based stylist Philip Wolff (@philipwolffhair) is a long-layer expert—that’s why he is previously to thank for keeping Kim Kardashian’s hair volume and movement. His cutting and styling techniques help give volume and oomph to her hair. UNITE worked with Philip on revealing a how-to-create this Kim Kardashian look and find out exactly what UNITE products he uses.



  • 1

    After washing the hair with UNITE Smoothing shampoo and conditioner, towel dry the hair. Spray UNITE 7Seconds Condition quite liberally to the damp hair, from the roots to the ends. The detangler will act as a cutting lotion. UNITE 7Seconds is perfect for all hair types.

  • 2

    Start with a center section from the apex (high point of the head) to the nape. Parting in the front is optional, as long as the ending point is in the center of the apex.

  • 3

    Use a forward graduation technique, starting a guide with a length in between the lip and lower cheekbone. Continue doing so all the way down to determine the length, slightly over directing forward.

  • 4

    Start with a central vertical section, cutting inverted layers from short to long, distributing from 90º from the head, with no over direction following around a pie shape.

  • 5

    Take a radial section, from ear to ear, determine a length w/ soft point cutting technique using a long layered technique to round the graduation.

  • 6

    Begin styling using UNITE Boosta, a weightless voluminizing spray, mainly at the roots, spraying several inches away from the head, then to the mid-lengths and the ends. Just lift the hair and spray throughout. Boosta gives texture without feeling sticky and promotes a healthy sheen with great volume.

  • 7

    Begin blow drying the fringe using a round brush technique and pulling up and away from the head. This will accentuate fullness at the roots.

  • 8

    Separate the hair into sections and use a round brush to pull sides outwards from roots, creating curl and volume.

  • 9

    Continue to work your way down to the ends of each section.

  • 10

    Once the blow dry is complete, texturize in 1.5 inch thick diagonal forward sections and texturize the ends with texture sheers using a deep slicing technique. Lighten up the weight on the ends to create more, soft sexy movement.

  • 11

    After the dry cut is complete, tilt the head back and spray UNITE Shina-Mist all over the dry hair, at least 6″- 8″ from the hair. Set by using a hairdryer on the cold setting, on full power. This will also help to separate the ends of the hair. Use your fingers to lift at the scalp and continue to run your fingers. This will create a lot of instant, weightless shine.

  • 12

    To finish the look, lock it in with UNITE GO365 Hairspray, between the soft and medium hold.

  • 13

    The finished look is soft, full of body and shine.