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Last updated: September 01, 2022

Healthy Hair Perfector

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New from science-backed haircare innovator Living Proof: Healthy Hair Perfector. Formulated with bio-based replenishing and cuticle-sealing agents to restore the hair’s outermost protective layer, this transformational treatment leaves damaged hair looking softer, shinier and healthier after just one use.


Bonus points: included amaranth peptides and antioxidants promote improved manageability and protect against UV rays and pollution.


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How To Use

Used on dry hair, this fast-absorbing formula instantly creates a softer, shinier finish without disturbing the style. Used on wet hair, the treatment seals the cuticle for a smooth, polished look with light conditioning benefits. It's a win-win!


For both:

  • For fine hair, use 1 pump; medium hair, 2 pumps; and thick hair, 3 pumps, for best results.
  • Apply thoroughly from roots to ends, then comb through.
  • Leave in or wash out.


Use as often as needed.

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