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Last updated: October 13, 2010

Sam Villa Textur® Volume Styling How-To

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Sam Villa Textur® Volume Styling How-To

This quick and easy technique from Sam Villa is essential for building frothy volume and adding texture to fine hair. The indentation of the Sam’s Signature Textur® texturizing iron is hidden along the parietal ridge underneath the top and crown area.  Texture Volume gives your fine-haired clients every-day volume. It’s her ‘hidden secret.

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    The model has flat, fine hair.

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    Isolate the top and crown area above the parietal ridge.

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    Work with vertical sections underneath the isolated area. Spray each section lightly with Redken Layer Lift 07 for medium control; spray a minimum of 6-inches away from sections so as not to get the section too wet

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    At the base of each section, compress the hair with the Textur® texturizing iron with tip of the iron pointing upwards.

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    Note the result. The indentation of the Textur® iron creates a crimped texture, allowing the hair to stand away from the scalp which creates support underneath any fine hairstyle.

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    Continue working with vertical sections around the head with Redken Layer Lift 07. Stay away from front hairline to maintain a natural affect around hairline. Remember the idea is to create a hidden secret of volume underneath.

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    Drop the top and crown area. The texture at the base of each section will create beautiful, natural volume that is hidden from view. Style and finish with Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray for lasting lift, maximum control and shape memory.

    What’s important to remember about this technique is that the character of texture is what creates the fabric of the hair. This “hidden secret” creates volume that cannot be seen, so incorporate the texture wherever you want to build volume for a finished look that will keep on holding. The beauty of the texture you create from Textur® texturizing iron is that it stays put until the hair is once again shampooed.