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Last updated: June 03, 2010

Cutler’s Tony Kelly Creates Gravity-Defying Volume

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Cutler’s Tony Kelly Creates Gravity-Defying Volume

Tony Kelly of Cutler Salon in NYC created gravity defying texture and volume using Sam Villa’s Signature Series TEXTUR iron. “My goal with this look was to create a classic shape so I styled the hair into a double French twist with a totally modern and edgy feel. Nothing too fussy or ‘set’ looking,” explains Tony. He used his fingers to shape the hair instead of brushes to give it a gravity-defying appearance.

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    Step 1. Apply Redken 07 full frame protective volumizing mousse through hair, finger dry for fullness and hold. 

    Step 2. Create a part around the parietal ridge, isolate and clip away the top section. 

    Step 3. Working through the sides and back, take 1-inch subsections, spray with Redken work force 09 flexible volumizing spray and crimp with Sam Villa TEXTUR iron starting about 2 inches away from the scalp (so that the roots stay straight). 

    Step 4. After working through entire section, drop the top section, spray work force 09 on sections and crimp with TEXTUR iron from roots to ends (to create fullness from the root).

    Step 5. After all the hair has been crimped, make a small cornrow about 1/2-inch behind the front hairline extending back to the drop crown, and secure it with a small bobby pin (the cornrow is a great anchor for the rest of the style).

    Step 6. With the entire head crimped and the cornrow secured, used hands and work force 09 to smooth the sections left straight

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    Step 7. Push all the hair straight up and secure with bobby pins just below the parietal, wet section with work force 09 and let dry. 

    Step 8. As bottom section is drying, separate the top of the head into 3 sections, part down the middle and from ear to ear.

    Step 9. Taking large sections, back brush with a small Mason Pierson brush from the base directing all the hair into the center, after first section is back brushed, roll it like a French Twist and secure with two hairpins pushed through the cornrow.

    Step 10. Use the same technique on the next two sections, back brushing, rolling and securing each section into cornrow. 

    Step 11. With the basic shape created, removed the pins around the parietal and create loose texture by working through with fingers. 

    Step 12. Use hands to pull bits out from the roll, giving height and texture to the entire shape.