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Last updated: February 12, 2018

Hot Tip: Creating Volume with a Razor

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No volume? No problem! When you’re styling for a client with fine hair in need of some oomph, you have to get a little creative. Enter the Sam Villa volumizing razor technique. Utilizing its swivel capabilities, you can alter the texture of the hair, creating an easy textured volume any fine-haired client will love. 

Artist: Sam Villa
Manufacturer: Sam Villa

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  • 1

    Separate a horizontal section of hair, exposing the underside.

  • 2

    Place razor flat underneath the hair, going with the cuticle.

  • 3

    Swivel the razor, keep it flat as you go against the grain.

  • 4

    Continue until desired volume is reached.

  • 5

    Pull hair back over, smoothing the cuticles on top.

  • Now, I know what you’re probably thinking—isn’t that damaging the hair? Well, as Sam says, “It’s good damage. Think about it—you decolorize fine hair in order to get volume, and you’re creating damage. Yet, with the products that are available to us, we really can go in and readjust anything that we do.” He adds, “Anytime you want a sense of volume, use your tools in a disruptive manner but in a great positive way to achieve the texture you want.”


    Note: Make sure to always keep this technique to the underside so the hair on top remains smooth.

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