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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Mizani Texture Cut and Supreme Volume Blow-Out

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Mizani Texture Cut and Supreme Volume Blow-Out

Relaxed hair takes on shine, strength and fullness with this sassy, textured cut from Mizani. The look is finished with a perfectly smooth blow out.  Here are the steps to recreate this cut on your clients.

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    Shampoo with Moisturfusion Milk Bath Shampoo and condition with Moisturfusion Silk Cream Conditioner. Blow dry to prepare for cut. Section as shown. Take a vertical parting at the center nape, hold it at 45-degrees and cut. Work side to side and cut with a traveling guide. Then move up and repeat throughout the entire back.

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    Move to the side and part off a 1-inch horizontal section. Hold it at zero elevation, blending with a portion of the previously established length guide in back. Point-cut the entire section to establish the side length.

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    Then take a diagonal parting to section at the fringe. Using point-cutting and a section of the previously cut side, cut the entire section to establish the length of the fringe.

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    Return to the side and work up it, taking vertical subsections and cutting to a traveling guide. Then repeat Steps 2-4 on the opposite side. Cross check your work to ensure blending, and point-cut around fringe to personalize it.

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    To finish the style, take a pea-sized amount of Supreme Oil in your palms, emulsify it, and work it through from roots to ends. Using a ¼-inch diameter brush, blow dry the hair. Follow the same sequence that was used for the cut, as you blow dry ¼-inch, horizontal sections, as well as the diagonal sections at the fringe.

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