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July 20, 2015

Styling Tips for Fine, Thinning Hair


Styling Tips for Fine, Thinning Hair

It’s not easy when a woman sits in your chair and the first thing you notice is her fine, thinning hair. But, as a stylist, you know all hope is not lost. If your client is experiencing thinning hair or hereditary hair loss, there are many styling techniques that can add volume, dimension and shape. “Thinning hair is Hollywood’s best kept secret,” celebrity stylist and BTC resident thinning hair expert, Jill Crosby, shares. Here’s how Jill amps up the volume for her thinning hair clients.

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    Before blow-drying, apply volumizing mousse and gently massage into the hair.

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    It’s best to turn the head upside down and blow-dry on low to medium heat, using your fingers to create lift at the root rather than using your brush. This will help decrease tension on the hair while giving you the desired volume you want.

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    When the hair is mostly dry, use a round brush to smooth out any flyaways and dry the hair the rest of the way. Be careful not to brush out the volume you have created.

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    Use a large barrel iron on medium heat to create soft, natural waves that add volume and shape to your style. Try a zig-zag part for extra dimension.

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    To finish the look, run your fingers through the waves and apply a light volumizing or dry texturizing spray to give lift to the crown and lock the style in place.

    For more styling tips from Jill, visit behindthechair.com/womensrogaine.


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    Suggest the client consider a long-term solution like Women’s Rogaine® scalp treatment to regrow more hair. 

    Pro Tip:  Apply Women’s Rogaine® Foam to scalp once-a-day, during morning or night ritual.