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December 1, 2014

How-To: Cut Thinning Hair


How-To: Cut Thinning Hair

It’s not easy when a client begins to show signs of thinning hair or hair loss. But as her stylist, there are plenty of things you can do to add weight, fullness and texture to her hair to create the illusion of thicker, more voluminous strands. Here, celebrity stylist and thinning hair expert, Jill Crosby, walks you through a cut and style perfect for helping your clients achieve the appearance of more volume in no  time flat.

Watch the video for tips on cutting thinning hair! 



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    The length is here, but it’s straggly with visible “holes.”

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    To achieve added weight and fullness, go for a nice blunt cut right above the collar bone. It will instantly bring everything up and brighten the face.

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    Continue to cut in sections to ensure the cut is completely even.

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    Once you’ve removed the extra length, go in around the face and add some whispy, long layers. These are going to help create added texture and frame the face without taking away from the fullness of the style.

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    Continue on the layers, making sure that they are perfectly blended.

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    Once the cut is complete, you’re ready to style. Apply a volumizing mousse or root lifter, gently working it in with your hands. Remember to be careful—thinning hair is often fragile.

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    Flip over and shoot some low to medium heat at the roots for added lift—remember, you don’t need to use high heat on thin or thinning hair.

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    With a large round brush, gently shape the layers around the face and blow the bottom under for a clean, polished look.

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    Use a touch of finishing spray for long-lasting style and embrace fuller, thicker, more beautiful hair!

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    Get more looks on styling and coloring thinning hair!

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    As a first step, suggest the client consider a long-term solution like Women’s Rogaine® scalp treatment to regrow more hair. Demonstrate to your client the quick and easy scalp application of Women’s Rogaine® Foam.