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Last updated: September 07, 2022

4 Ways To Avoid Dull & Damaged Blondes

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4 Maintenance Tips For Better Blonding Appointments

Picture this: Your fave blonde client comes in for a retouch and they are dull, brassy or even worse—slightly purple? If your clients are riding the color maintenance struggle bus, don’t worry! We snagged four must-know tips you and your clients need to know.


Keep scrolling for shampoo tips and tricks, styling secrets and the must-have product every color client needs.  


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1. Make sure clients know the shampoo rules (seriously) 

Clients cleansing too much or too little? Are they overdoing the purple shampoo? BTC Team Member Sarah Cabral (@sarahzstylz) made this handy checklist to keep clients on a squeaky clean schedule:


  • Don’t wash your hair everyday, Sarah advises. “But when you do, always wash your hair TWICE! The only way you know your hair is clean is when you can get a good lather,” she explains.


  • Only use purple shampoo when you see BRASS. “And never right after a color appointment,” Sarah emphasizes. “Only use purple shampoo once a week to avoid dulling out color,” Sarah advises. 


  • Come to your color appointment with clean hair! “Color has to work a lot harder when hair is dirty. Plus, I can’t tease oily hair!” 


Check out the original video from her Insta!

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2. Add a Weekly Treatment 

Here’s the thing, the KEY to a successful blonding service is HEALTHY hair. So how does BTC Team Member Kristen O’Donnell (@kristen_o_beauty) keep her clients’ hair healthy between services? A weekly treatment that packs a punch. 


“I love the Living Proof Triple Bond Complex because it’s one product, once a week with so many benefits” she explains. It’s easy for clients to add it into their routine and will keep their hair healthy and strong for their next appointment.


Treatments aren’t one-size-fits all, celeb stylist Ursula Stephen (@ursulastephen) customizes Triple Bond Complex to bring curly clients back to life. “Mix the Triple Bond Complex with a curl enhancer like the Living Proof Curl Elongator before diffusing to achieve healthy, bouncy curls,” she explains. 


Check out more benefits below: 


  • One-step process that rebuilds and repairs three main hair bonds: hydrogen, ionic and covalent. Making hair 8x stronger*. 
  • Protects hair against future damage including UV and heat damage.
  • Seals cuticle to make hair healthier and boost shine. 


Hit play to see how Ursula brings her clients’ curls back to life! 

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3. Set clients up on a healthy styling regime 

It’s time to get real with clients: The quality of your haircare products MATTER! But that doesn’t mean sell them everything on your shelf. Instead, suggest one product every appointment, prioritizing their hair needs (looking at you dry shampoo.) Peep the list below for at-home styling must-haves. 


  • Dry Shampoo. Who doesn’t need one (or two) bottles of dry shampoo? “The Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo from Living Proof cleanses hair just like a traditional shampoo. Plus, it adds softness and shine,” explains BTC Team Member Lisa Mathews (@hairbylisamathews)


  • Leave-in Conditioner.  Always a must to detangle without causing breakage. 


  • Flexible-hold Hairspray. It’s important to find a hairspray that doesn’t weigh the style down or leave a sticky residue. Lisa’s choice? Flex Hairspray from Living Proof because it is also a heat protectant. 


Pro Tip: Clients struggling to achieve long-lasting styles? “Suggest applying dry shampoo to the scalp, even if they don’t need it,” suggests Lisa. “It will create more volume at the root and give the style more texture,” she adds. 


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4. Don’t skip trims 

Removing over processed ends are essential to healthy, bright blondes! So don’t forget to dust off your scissors and remove any split ends before applying your lightener. 


BTC Team Member Adina Pignatare (@adina_pignatare) gives hair an extra boost and applies the Triple Bond Complex before cutting. This way, the treatment has enough time to absorb into the hair by the time she’s done getting rid of pesky split ends. 


Hit play to see how Adina repairs hair while cutting!

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*against grooming breakage vs untreated

**this article is sponsored

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