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Last updated: October 14, 2019

Blowout with Body

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Blowout with Body

Is there anything more satisfying than a blowout with tons of volume? We didn’t think so! To satisfy our need for a perfect blowout we asked Anh Co Tran (@anhcotran) to stop by The BTC House in LA to share his expertise on all things blowout. Using the the Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Professional Edition Anh broke down his steps for creating this satisfying style. Scroll down for all of details! 


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Artist: Anh Co Tran
Manufacturer: Dyson, @dysonhair

Products Used


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    After the shampoo service, towel-dry until damp to remove any excess moisture from the hair. Apply a detangling product and comb through to the ends, followed by a lightweight mousse applied from roots to ends. 

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    Using the Dyson Supersonic™ Smoothing Nozzle, power-dry the hair until it is 80-90 percent dry depending on the client’s hair texture. 

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    Begin to section the hair starting at the nape. Use a medium-sized boar bristle round brush and begin to blow-dry using medium tension. Elevate the section to create more volume. 

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    When the section is almost dry, use a rocking motion to ensure all of the hair is on the brush. Heat the entire section and then cool by using the cool shot button. 

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    For added movement, twist each section while blow-drying. Continue to work up the head in one and a half inch horizontal sections. 

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    When finished, seal the style by using the cool shot button on the entire head. 

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    Then, brush or shake out hair depending on the desired final look. Finish by applying a texture spray. 

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