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Last updated: September 29, 2021

Two-Strand Twist Out

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Two-Strand Twist Out

Looking for a quick and easy hairstyle to get your textured clients in and out of your chair, while looking summer ready?  John Paul Mitchell Systems Business Development Manager and Natural Texture Expert LaDonna Dryer (@ladonnadryer) demonstrates how-to create the perfect twist out for your curly girls on the go. Watch the video and grab the steps below!


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    Before shampooing, lightly section through the hair and dry detangle using the fingertips.

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    Shampoo hair using John Paul Mitchell Systems Tea Tree Special Shampoo and rinse, then follow it up with John Paul Mitchell Systems Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo.

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    Section off hair at the base and pin up the top section using a large clip. Run John Paul Mitchell Systems Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner through the hair in small to medium sections and comb through with a large detangling comb and your fingers.

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    Once detangled, section off the hair into quadrants and three-strand braid each section.


    Pro Tip: “If the amount of hair that your working with overwhelms you, take back the control,” says LaDonna. Sectioning the hair into organic quadrants, which are the opposite of hard, clean lines, allows you to easily manage the hair.

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    Place a shower cap over the braids and let sit under a steamer for 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse out the conditioner with the braids still intact and dry using a microfiber towel.

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    Prime the hair for blow drying using the LOC method—leave-in conditioner, oil and cream—with John Paul Mitchell Systems Tea Tree Lavender Conditioning Mint Leave-In Spray, John Paul Mitchell Systems Tea Tree Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil and John Paul Mitchell Systems Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisture Milk. Then gently stretch the hair using your fingers and a blow dryer to reverse hair shrinkage.


    Note: “Shinkage is the decrease in the length of hair when the hair naturally air dries,” says LaDonna. “Depending on the type or porosity of the hair, the hair can shrink of to 90 percent.”

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    Once the hair is stretched, section off a small area in the back and apply Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisture Milk. Create the two strand twist by taking a smaller section of hair and twisting each subsection to the right, then cross the sections over one another until you reach the ends. Repeat until the entire head is finished. 

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    Let the hair dry completely under a hooded dryer. Take down each twist using Tea Tree Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil for added moisture and shine.

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    Continue separating the hair until you reach your desired look.


    Stylist Tip: “The more you separate each section the more expansion you’ll get,” says LaDonna.

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