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Last updated: November 20, 2018

How-To: Perfect Her 3D Coils

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It’s 2016 and her natural texture is what it’s all about! For 25 years MIZANI has been the authority on textured hair and we’re currently obsessing over one of their latest looks. Created with their new styling collection Styling Renaissance, the lineup of products allows for women to have the #FreedomToStyle their hair with limitless versatility. Here’s how to give your naturally-textured client those trendy coils with just the right amount of 3D volume.

Manufacturer: MIZANI

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  • 1

    First spray the hair with MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk for easy detangling (remember to always detangle textured hair from the ends up to the scalp).

  • 2

    Then blow-dry the hair using low heat and your fingers to stretch the hair (keep natural frizz in hair for best results).

  • 3

    Apply MIZANI Iron Curl for heat protection and style memory, then begin to coil the hair first, then coil again around your curling iron for a 3D effect. (Use a micro-iron no hotter than 360 degrees.)

  • 4

    Use pins to secure the coils and cool down before releasing. Then uncoil each section with your fingers, leaving the ends together.

  • 5

    Once all the sections are uncoiled, use your fingers to shake the look out and use MIZANI HD Shyne over the finished look for maximum shine.