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November 8, 2010

Namasté™ Seal and Shield Treatment Thermal Style How-to


Namasté™ Seal and Shield Treatment Thermal Style How-to

Namasté™ “Honoring the Beauty Within” is proud to present their Next Level Thermal Styling System. This How-to is a salon exclusive thermal styling straightening alternative to relaxers and keratin that gives your clients styling versatility. This two step process seals in straightness and shields out humidity.


2 Shampoo and condition the hair with the Namasté™ items of your choice. Towel blot hair.
3 Apply the desired amount of Thermal Silken™ Lotion.
4 Mist the hair with Moisture Shield Hair Guard™, making sure every strand is covered. Spray fingertips and apply to the hairline to prevent product from getting into the client’s eyes.
5 Comb hair to evenly distribute Moisture Shield Hair Guard™ and dry hair under a warm dryer for approximately 5-10 minutes; depending on length and density of hair.
6 This step is very important because Moisture Shield Hair Guard is “Cured” (dried into the shaft) to ensure that hair is protected against humidity. Always use a hooded dryer (not a blow dryer) to cure.
7 Blow dry hair.
8 Use thermal tools to achieve desired style. Option: Apply a small amount of Thermal Silken™ Lotion if needed, and use a pressing comb for longer lasting styles.
9 Additional Moisture Shield Hair Guard™ may be added before pressing, flat ironing (ceramic irons are recommended) or curling the hair for added protection.