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Last updated: February 21, 2024

Vivids: 6 Creative Color Placement & Formulation Tips

Pink chunky vivid vibrant color block placement tips
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @meaghanmastersonhair

3 Ways To Make Advanced Creative Color More Approachable

Vision boards, inspiration pictures, deciding the colors that will craft your creative masterpiece and the actual placement—there is SO much that goes into creative color looks. All the moving parts can be deterring for those looking to try something new, so we’re going to break down the creative process to make it easier.


Make advanced color less intimidating with the help of Long Island-based color expert Meaghan Masterson Louis (@meaghanmastersonhair). Keep reading to learn how she gets inspired, her process for creating a vision board and placement roadmap. Plus, find formulas to save for your own color creations below


1. Where To Find & Refine Inspiration

Approaching the bold color looks that helped Meaghan go viral on IG is more than slapping on some vivid color: You must figure out how your inspiration translates to hair.

Meaghan Masterson @meaghanmastersonhair Orange Color Block
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @meaghanmastersonhair


“I’m creating a story, taking from the inspiration I found,” Meaghan explains. For the blended pink color below, Meaghan shares: “I found inspiration in not only the colors in the “Barbie Movie”; but, also, this photo of a bookcase with all pink books on the shelves, going from lightest to more saturated pink tones,” she adds.


Pretty In Pink Formulas: For this look, Meaghan used a combination of Paul Mitchell Colorways shades Hot Pink, Diluter, Red, Magenta, Aqua and Purple. 


Pink chunky vivid vibrant color block placement tips
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @meaghanmastersonhair


Press play to see some of the satisfying processing steps:



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2. Designing A Placement Map Step-By-Step

From wig prep to color placement, we’re sharing the coveted creative process Meaghan follows when designing her viral works of art below. Scroll down to get her formulas, application tips and steps!


1. For this earth-toned look, Meaghan credits our favorite inspiration site, Pinterest: “I found a picture of this abstract graphic image, giving the illusion of rippling in water with a bunch of green hues in it. Once I have a vision, it’s all about creating a roadmap for the placement. I take into consideration the round of the head shape, understanding where the hair is going to fall and how I want each color block of my Paul Mitchell Colorways tones to lay,” she explains.


Check out the strategic placement Meaghan used to highlight the features of the model’s face:

Green vivid vibrant chunky color block hair color placement tips
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  • Formula A (dark forest green):

    Paul Mitchell Colorways Green + Blue + Red

  • Formula B (lime green):

    Colorways Green + Yellow + Diluter + a splash of Aqua

  • Formula C (gray):

    Colorways Gray + Aqua + Green

Photo Credit: Instagram via @meaghanmastersonhair


2. To prep the wig, Meaghan shampoos it with Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo.


3. Then, she creates custom formulas and tests each Paul Mitchell Colorways creation on a paper towel to ensure the colors support the story Meaghan is trying to tell. Click the beaker above to get her formulas!


4. Next, she creates her roadmap: Starting at the partline, section off each chunky sub-section using diagonal partings. Continue working toward the back using the round of the head as your guide. “Depending on what color story I’m doing, I’m always thinking about [how to] complement the bold statement I’m trying to make with my placement. I always gravitate towards that because I love early 2000s aesthetic,” Meaghan says.


5. Allow the color to process for 30 minutes; then, rinse with cool water and no conditioner.


Press play to see her juicy color application:



3. Meaghan’s Maintenance Guide: 3 Tips To Preserve Vivid Color

If you want to ensure your artistic masterpieces last, follow Meaghan’s three must-have maintenance tips below.


1. Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, like her go-to: Paul Mitchell Color Protect.

2. Shampoo once (or a maximum of twice) a week—dry shampoo is your friend in between wash days!

3. Turn down the temp and use cold water when shampooing.


teal purple pink peach vivid vibrant chunky color block hair color placement tips
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @meaghanmastersonhair


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