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Last updated: July 19, 2017

Neon Sunset Formula + Creative Color Tips

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  • Starting Level

    Levels 6-11 from a previous balayage application

  • Formula A

    2 oz. Manic Panic Professional Gel Hair Color Pussycat Pink

  • Formula B

    2 oz. Violet Velvet

  • Formula C

    1 oz. Solar Yellow + 1 oz. Pussycat Pink + a quarter-sized drop of Red Velvet

Alix Maya (@alix_maya), global artistic director for Manic Panic Professional, collaborated with fellow Unicorn Tribe member Brook Gilmore (@waterslog) to create this stunning neon sunset color. Using her signature sectioning technique, Alix and Brook sliced in three different formulas to create a seamless blend of vibrant orange, pink and purple hues. Check out the finished look and get a few tips from Alix below.



Alix’s background is in painting and graffiti art, so her understanding of color principles and placement started even before she became a hair colorist. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind when working with creative color.



Choosing Colors

  • “First I ask my clients what colors they don’t want in their hair,” Alix says. “I show them swatches and get them a little more acclimated to the colors that are available to them.”
  • From there, create a juxtaposing color pattern, making sure there is something that is bouncing off of something else.
  • For example: If the end result is mostly pink, like a rose shade, a peach shade and a bright pink shade, place in a pop of yellow so there is always a dark and a light color combo going on.



Uneven base? No problem!

  • You don’t need to reach an even, pale blonde on the whole head for creative color. In fact, Alix prefers to work on a multi-tonal, dimensional base.
  • “I’ll use four different shades of blonde on a natural Level 6 before I add a direct dye,” she says. It’ll give a more organic, more dimensional end result.


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