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Last updated: August 16, 2017

5 Tips Using The OG Vibrant Haircolor

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The OG of vibrant haircolor. The first bad-ass females to make punk “cool.” And now, a graffiti-artist-turned-hair-colorist that has upped the unconventional color game throughout the industry. Yes, we’re talking about Manic Panic Co-Founders Tish and Snooky, their new professional color line and their new Global Artistic Director Alix Maya. These three artists took the BTC “On Tour” stage alongside Mary Rector-Gable to talk the early days of Manic Panic, and to showcase the talent of Alix and the power of their new professional line.


Tish and Snooky chatted with Mary about their days as backup singers
for Blondie, where their inspiration has come from and their new pro line.


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Now get five tips from Alix on creating unconventional color.


1. You’re Painting For Someone Else

Use dark and light shades to create a bigger pop of color.


“I ask my clients what colors they don’t want in their hair. I show them swatches and get them a little more acclimated to the colors that are available to them. And from there, I’ll create a juxtaposing color pattern. I always make sure there is something that is bouncing off of something else. So for example, if I’m creating something that is mostly pink, like a rose shade, a peach shade and a bright pink shade, I’ll then throw in a yellow shade so there is always a dark and a light color combo going on.”


2. Your Starting Palette Can Be Multi-Tonal

This Frida Kahlo-inspired color took Alix 12 hours
to create, and shows what she means by starting
with a multi-tonal palette.


When doing creative color, a lot of colorists will tell you to get the hair to an even pale blonde before adding your direct pigment. Not Alix! She likes working on a multi-tonal starting point (nothing too crazy, of course) to create a truly organic outcome. “Working with different tones of blonde can really make the color pop that much more once it’s dry on the head,” she says.


3. Your Length Matters
You never want a color to feel like it fell short or got cut off—because that can happen, says Alix. You need to use your eye to make sure the color is properly placed and that is has room to breathe on the head.


4. You Should Keep The Fade In Mind

“Most of my clients know that their color is going to fade,” says Alix. “My biggest thing is knowing that they’re not using an oil-based shampoo or conditioner.” If they are, offer them something else to keep the color lasting longer.


5. Your Application Is Always Key


You have to be meticulous and calculated when you’re creating an unconventional color masterpiece. To avoid hollow spots in the hair, she uses a brush to place the color, then goes back in with her hands and a comb to really saturate the color through. And if you notice there is a hole in the color after you’ve finished, go back in and fix it. “Slipping on color is a sign of working too quickly and messy application,” Alix says.


The Manic Panic Pro line comes in 11 bad-ass shades.


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