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Last updated: July 07, 2017

7 Vibrant Color Tips, From Totally Bold To Soft & Wearable

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From seamless color melts to painting on curly hair to vibrant hair tattoos, there were plenty of color tips to gather at Premiere Beauty Show 2017. Here are seven need-to-know tips we learned that you’ll want to bring back to the salon ASAP. Want more of the best in color education? Come to BTC’s COLOR, Cut & Style Show, Aug. 20-22 in Austin, Texas! Get tickets here!


1. Modernize Your Color Techniques
A colorist behind the chair is always learning, so we went to color master and Redken Global Artist Sean Godard for a few key tips to keep techniques super modern.




2. Golden Peach Color Formula


BTC #ONESHOT winner Cassandra McGlaughlin (@cassandraplatinum) gave her model #SummerHairGoals on the Premiere Hair Color Stage with this gorgeous Golden Peach makeover! Don’t miss this must-know color formula below!


Redken Color Formulas
Formula A (prelightener): Redken FlashLift + 20-volume developer

Formula B (pre-toner): equal parts Redken City Beats Chelsea Coral + Ballet Pink

Formula C (roots): Ballet Pink + Redken pH-Bonder

Formula D (ends): Chelsea Coral + Redken pH-Bonder



3. Become A Color Melt Master
The Matrix team has an entire collection dedicated to holographic color melting, so we got a few pointers on the technique from their Artistic Director Danielle Keasling. Check them ‘em out.




4. A Color From The Stars


By now you probably know that Alix Maya is an artist-turned-colorist, and for her next stunning color creation she went straight to the stars for her inspiration. Here’s a look at her Aries-inspired haircolor (see the Ram symbol!?) using all Manic Panic Professional color. Here’s how she did it: 


“I lifted from a Level 5 using Manic Panic Flash Lightener with 40-volume developer,” Alix shared. “First, I lifted out the design for the Ram symbol. Then, I went back in and used a classic highlighting technique excluding the inside of the Ram horns, to leave darkness, creating the shape and outline with negative space. I used Manic Panic Professional in Red Velvet, Pussycat Pink, Divine Wine & Solar Yellow. Each layer is an individual painting created to form a bigger picture. The orange seen on this piece was created while painting and not in a bowl.”




5. @bottleblonde76’s Top 4 Color Application Tips


Instagram sensation Sam Daly (aka @bottleblonde76) took the fear out of vibrant haircolor during her Color Without Limits class. Here’s what we gathered.


1. When color melting into a light color (like yellow), always paint the first, darker color from the root to the midlength, then start at the bottom with a lighter color and work your way up. This ensures none of the darker color will bleed into the lighter one.


2. Apply direct dyes to dry hair, as opposed to damp hair, says Sam, especially when you’re just starting out. Painting on dry hair will give better saturation and more longevity. Also, there’s never any need to process a direct dye under heat—always process at room temperature.




3. Sam says when she books a vibrant color appointment, she ALWAYS requests a deposit. “They’re a lot like tattoos,” Sam notes. “[A client] sees the picture and they want it right now—it’s an impulse buy. So when you book, take a deposit (I ask for $100), and say if you don’t cancel within 48 hours, it’s nonrefundable.”


4. If you follow Sam on Instagram, you’re familiar with her vibrant hair tattoos that always look insanely sharp and precise. How does she get her lines looking so clean? Here’s a secret: Sam uses the NYX Professional Wonder Pencil—a concealing and brightening pencil. “When you paint a bright color over a carving, it’s obviously going to stain,” says Sam. “So I go over my lines with the Wonder Pencil so it looks nice and clean before I snap my photos.”




6. Create An Indicator
Need an easy way to get your balayage client coming back more often? Give her a color indicator, meaning paint one strand of hair where the color goes all the way to the root. That way she’ll notice sooner when the color is growing out and when it’s time to make another appointment. Watch Farouk educator Joe Anthony demonstrate it below.


7. 2 Hot Color Tips From Ruby Devine
With more than 15 years of experience in the hair industry, it’s safe to say Ruby Devine (@rubydevine) learned a thing or two over the years. She joined the Goonies squad for a two-day workshop on color, cut and styling techniques and we grabbed two hot color tips from Ruby. Check ’em out.



1. When creating underlights (aka peekaboo highlights), Ruby says keeping two fingers away from the hairline is a classic rule of thumb. This will allow you to create the underlights while still having enough space to conceal color. Is the density of your client’s hair throwing you for a loop? Here’s Ruby’s tip: Place a comb under the top section that will conceal your “peekaboo” underlight. If you can see the comb through the hair, that means your underlight will be visible.



2. If your client has a band of color from a previous color application that won’t go away, Ruby suggests finding its opposite on the color wheel and spot color it. Simply dip your finger into the color, apply it to the banded area and rub until the new color cancels the old color out.