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Last updated: June 23, 2021

Fading Fashion Colors? Show This To Clients

Sexy Hair Tips Maintain Vibrant Hair Color Longevity
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5 Tips For Longer-Lasting Vibrant Haircolor
Your fashion color-loving clients leave the salon with strikingly vibrant haircolor that they can’t wait to post on the ‘gram, but a few weeks (and a few too many showers) later and their color fades drastically. As an expert colorist, you know how to extend the longevity of vibrant haircolor so start sharing those simple cheats for a more subtle fade clients can deal with.


Next time your client is leaving the salon, hand them these 5 tips for long-lasting fashion colors from BTC Team Member and #ONESHOT Unconventional Haircolor Winner Kristina Cheeseman (@kristinacheeseman). Scroll now and thank us later!

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1. Cool It Off

Only wash your hair in cool or lukewarm water. Why? Heat opens up the cuticle, so molecules will escape the hair and the color will fade faster. Or even worse, hot water can cause different colors to bleed together to create muddy, unwanted tones.


2. Read This Before Washing Your Hair

Wash hair as infrequently as possible to avoid fading in the shower. Kristina recommends washing with a color-protective combo like Sexy Hair Vibrant Sexy Hair Color Lock Shampoo and Conditioner—this will keep color vibrant for up to 75 washes and also hydrates damaged, over-processed and color-treated strands.


Instagram via @kristinacheeseman


3. Turn Down The Heat

Yes, you can still straighten and wave your hair but PLEASE lower the temperature on flat irons, curling irons and other tools—even the dryer! Clean out the trap of the dryer because a clogged filter can cause overheating and damage color-treated (or any) hair. Also, always prep with a heat protectant before using hot tools like the Hot Sexy Hair Protect Me Hot Tool Protection Hairspray that protects hair up to 450 degrees. 


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4. Only Use Color-Protecting Stylers

When styling, only use products that support colored hair like Vibrant Sexy Hair Color Lock Hairspray. This quick-drying hairspray will ensure long-lasting waves, curls and styles without sacrificing the integrity of vibrant haircolor. Plus, it helps protect against color fading by utilizing UV color protection.


Pro Tip: Before drying or styling, prep damp hair with Vibrant Sexy Hair Rose Elixir for softer, shinier styles. 


5. Embrace The Fade

Fashion colors are meant to fade over time into more subtle and softer colors. “When fashion colors fade, the results can be magical and almost impossible to recreate,” shares Kristina. So embrace the entire life of vibrant and creative colors in between appointments.


Instagram via @kristinacheeseman


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