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Last updated: March 06, 2018

How-To: Color Strobing


Here’s what happens when the strobing technique and fashion colors make sweet love and have a gorgeous baby—color strobing! This look—featuring delicate pops of pewter and plumeria grounded in a pretty blonde base—was created by none other than the mother of hair artistry Alix Clymer (aka @alix_maya, founder of @theunicorntribe). And of course, she gives us an option to “unicorn” it up with a little more vibrancy! Get the how-to!

Starting Level: 7

Scruples Color Formulas:
Formula A (stretched root):
TRUE INTEGRITY Opalescent Colour Creme Level 5 Ash + Clear + Graphite

Formula B (lightener): POWER BLONDE Balayage Clay Lightener + preferred level of developer

Formula C (toner): POWER BLONDE Conditioning Gel Toner Ice

Formula D (dark pewter): TRUE INTEGRITY Opalescent Colour Creme Level 10 Ash + Clear + Level 1 Ash

Formula E (light pewter): POWER BLONDE Conditioning Gel Toner Steel + 1 oz. MENZ 5 Minute Haircolor 9BVV

Formula F (dark plumeria): TRUE INTEGRITY Opalescent Colour Creme Level 9 Gold + Clear + Level 8 Copper Copper + Yellow Intensifier + Red Intensifier

Formula G (light plumeria): TRUE INTEGRITY Opalescent Colour Creme Level 8 Copper Copper + Clear + Yellow Intensifier + Red Intensifier

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1. Section the hair according to your client’s preferred parting. For McKenzie, Alix parted on the left moving to the right from the crown down to the nape in an oval shape, splitting the oval into sections vertically.

2. Take remaining hair over the ears and clip off each section. Part off an asymmetrical front-fringe section.

3. Take your first slice at a 50-degree angle and apply a stretched root with Formula A, making sure to leave space on the outer edge of each slice for Formula B.

4. Starting at the bottom of the slice, use an upward sweeping motion to gently diffuse Formula B from the ends to midshafts. Visually blend the stretched root and clay lightener with your fingers. For a more extreme highlighting effect, saturate the ends fully.

5. Continue this color application until all sections are complete. Process at room temperature for up to 45 minutes, or until desired lightness is achieved. Shampoo and rinse with preferred Scruples product. Tone with Formula C, then shampoo, rinse and condition the hair with preferred Scruples products.

6. To begin the creative color application, section the hair exactly the same as described in steps one and two.

7. Apply color at the back of nape, moving up each side, right to left, so the color will be symmetrical. Leave a double slice of blonde between each accent shade.

8. As you create the color melt, start from midshaft with the darkest mixture and blend outwardly to the lightest mixture. So for a pewter slice, you would start with Formula D and blend to Formula E. For plumeria, start with Formula F and blend to Formula G. Alternate between the accent colors.

9. To strobe the color, double slice the blonde to ensure a more natural look. If you wish to “Unicorn” the hair and create a more vibrant look, apply the creative color to every other slice. Process at room temperature for 30 minutes. Shampoo, rinse and condition the hair with preferred Scruples products.

Watch Alix work her magic!