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Last updated: November 13, 2017

The 7 Hottest Color Tips For Summer’s Coolest Shades

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It’s all about her haircolor. Really, it is. Whether you’re balayaging, strobing or contouring, creating pretty pastels or going bold with beautiful, bright vivids, her haircolor says a lot about her personality and a lot more about your coloring skills behind the chair. So get it right! The BTC team hopped on a flight down to Florida for Premiere Orlando 2016 and we gathered some of the best coloring tips to help you perfect your color game for this summer’s hottest trends. Check ’em out!


1. Money on Money With Color
“The thing I love about haircolor is that with it, you can send your kids to college,” said John Paul Mitchell Systems Global Artistic Director Robert Cromeans. “Haircolor turns into frequency and treatments.” He added another great tip: “After you color her hair, ask her: treat it or trim it? Either way it’s an add-on, and she won’t say no.”


Robert Cromeans always has everyone laughing!


2. Get a Grip On Your Color Inventory
We checked out the
Kadus Professional booth and really loved what we saw: a color line that is also a true partner for you behind the chair, offering business support and help managing your business and retaining clients. Here’s what Kadus Top Artist Caroline Kim had to say: “If you’re an independent stylist, make things easy on yourself. Inventory tracking can get out of control, but a small color line makes it easier to manage—it’s one less thing to worry about.” We agree, Caroline!


Kadus brought a Volkswagen bus to their booth!


3. Two Surprising Balayage Secret Weapons
We know, we know—all your clients want balayage! But you know when you get a full-haired beauty in your chair, and you balayage, and balayage, and balayage…and pretty soon you’re like, I can’t. I’m out. It’s taking too long! Well, L’ANZA’s Leah Freeman has a couple tricks up her sleeve using her two balayage secret weapons (and one of them is something you probably haven’t used in years…), so check them out!



4. Create Thicker-Looking Hair With Color
The trick to thicker-looking hair? According to Matrix A
rtistic Director Nick Stenson, keep the new growth dark! When you add color to the new growth, you allow the eye to follow the color/light all the way to the scalp. With this technique you keep the color on the exterior instead of the interior, and create fuller-looking hair in the process.


Nick talks through his model’s color work (bottom right), and
Matrix Artistic Educators Chrystofer Benson and Lenny Strand

created the two gorgeous colors seen on the left and top right.


5. Coloring Natural Texture
“When you are in a hurry, you might want to quickly throw lightener and 40-volume together to break that color up, but that gives you a higher chance of blowing open the cuticle and not being able to close it back down, which is then going to take her curl and turn it to pure frizz. Always take your time and keep the integrity,” says Nick.


Nick Stenson just seems to do it all!
He took the stage for The Salon By Instyle during the weekend, too!


6. How-To: Keep Your VIVIDS True to Tube
What’s the other major hair trend you’re seeing come through your chair? VIVIDS, of course! Here’s a tip from PRAVANA Regional Artistic Trainer Lissette Cruz: To get the most true-to-tube fashion color, tone the hair before coloring. Apply PRAVANA ChromaSilk Express Tones in your preferred shade for 3 to 5 minutes on wet hair, then rinse, blow-dry and apply your desired ChromaSilk VIVIDS shades.


The rainbow hair we saw at PRAVANA’s booth was magical!


7. Create Color Dimension Quickly
Keratin Complex’s Deb Gavin talks the perfect way to create a beautifully blended color and how to do it quickly! The trick? Use a V-section technique that allows you to create your base while adding in those colorful details at the same time.The V point should start behind the crown and open at the corner of the eye to the cheek bone—this diagonal line will create a blended movement. To create more detail in your color, zigzag through that V-section and work your different color formulas throughout those zigzags.


Keratin Complex showcased multiple fashion colors onstage and
explained a tip for coloring this zigzag parting.


Need more color tips? Our COLOR, Cut and Style Stage is going to be full
of your favorite artists with the BEST tips for upping your color game!


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