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Last updated: July 10, 2018

Learn Angelo Seminara’s Creative Color “Imprinting” Technique

Davines New Imprinter Launch Angelo Seminara Creative Color Tool Hair Painting
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Instagram via @seminaraangelo

Hairdressing icon, creative master and Davines Artistic Director Angelo Seminara (@seminaraangelo) is known for his innovative and unconventional approaches to coloring hair. He uses micro-coloring techniques to paint intricate and visually-striking patterns that transcend mainstream trends. Angelo’s designs are living art pieces, adding visual volume to the hair and capturing a modern representation of beauty—imprinting. 


Davines Village Parma Italy Angelo Seminara
BTC’s Lauren and Steph with Angelo at the 2018 World Wide Hair Tour!


“Hairdressers have a skill in our hands,” shared Angelo during a press conference at the 2018 World Wide Hair Tour in Parma, Italy. “To be able to own this skill, we need to put in a lot of hours. It’s like tailoring…our work is handcraft.” Angelo is interested in changing the future of haircolor, and that’s why he has developed the Imprinter, a new tool to inspire and help hairdressers access their creative visions. Here’s what BTC learned about the Imprinter during our time with Angelo in Italy!


Davines New Imprinter Launch Angelo Seminara Creative Color Tool Hair Painting

The Davines Imprinter


Here’s How It Works:

  1. A slice of hair is placed on the Imprinter’s magnetic base.
  2. A metallic stencil (available in two patterns) is placed on top of the slice of hair, and the magnetic base holds it in place.
  3. With the hair sandwiched, colorists can apply lightener or haircolor to hair through the stencil, creating intricate patterns.


See How Angelo Uses The Imprinter Below!

Instagram via @seminaraangelo


At the World Wide Hair Tour, we saw the Imprinter in action…right on the streets of Parma, Italy! Watch the quickie video below to see how you can use this tool to apply temporary haircolor and achieve bold color designs. It’s perfect for festival season and clients who are interested in unconventional color but don’t want to commit.


Watch Quickie Video How-To Below!


Peep The Finished Look Below!

Davines Imprinter Angelo Seminara Imprinting Haircolor 2018 World Wide Hair Tour

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