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Last updated: October 11, 2017

Infrared Inspiration: Get the Look

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In the salon, cooler weather means one thing for your clients: new hue lust. And this season, we’re saying goodbye to the subtle, the understated and the neutral. Just ask L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Creative Team Members Matt Swinney, Leah Freeman and Ammon Carver. Their fall/winter collection—Beauty Is…FEARLESS—is anything but subtle. Bold, rich shades combined with surprising color placement really make a statement. This is the fall color inspiration you’ve been waiting for.


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Starting Level: 5


Pre & Post Service
Color Attach Step 1 – Pre Color Service
Color Attach Step 2 – Post Color Service


Color Formulas
Beauty Bath (Maximum Formula): 30g Healing Color-Cleansing Shampoo + 30g Healing Powder Decolorizer + 30g 20 Volume Healing Color Developer + 5g Trauma Treatment


Formula A: 10g 3V + 10g 5RRC + 8g R Mix + 2g V Mix + 30g 20 Volume Healing Color Developer


Formula B: 8g R Mix + 2g V Mix + 10g Translucent Color Catalyst + 20g Demi Healing Color Developer


Formula C: 11g G Mix + 2g R Mix + 13g Translucent Color Catalyst + 26g Demi Healing Color Developer


Mix a L’ANZA Beauty Bath, and apply to midlengths and ends, feathering up to the base. Process to a Level 7, then rinse, cleanse, and condition with Healing ColorCare Shampoo and Conditioner.


2. Spray Color Attach Step 1 throughout hair and comb through. Apply Formula A to the re-growth area, then use Formula B on midlengths and ends.


3. Taking fine sections to ensure proper saturation, apply Formula C to nape of the neck and sides only.


4. After Formula C has been applied, process for 45 minutes, then rinse, cleanse and condition with Healing ColorCare Shampoo and Conditioner. Spray Color Attach 2 into towel-dried hair and comb through. Style as desired.




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