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February 28, 2017

Manic Panic Professional Color

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Everyone knows Manic Panic—the brand is classic New York cool. And from the very beginning, Manic Panic founders, Tish & Snooky, epitomized everything alternative—from singing backup for Blondie to opening their first punk-style fashion boutique in the late ‘70s. Then came their every-color-of-the-rainbow hair dye, causing every angsty, hair-obsessed teen and edgy, soon-to-be stylist to fall in love with color.


And finally, after 40 years of being an industry icon for creative haircolor, Manic Panic has developed a line of vibrant semi-permanent colors in a unique, translucent gel base, that are available exclusively to the professional salon market. A few key features include:

• Rich, deeply pigmented vibrancy that lasts through 40+ shampoos.
• Semi-translucent gel formula for a stained glass-like application, also aids in color placement accuracy.
• Gentle acidic formula helps to close the hair’s cuticle and lock in color.
• Ingredients to help control split ends and retain moisture. Plus, it’s a vegan formula and there is no developer required.
• 11 intermixable shades + “Pastel-izer” to create delicate pastel shades.
• Introducing “Smoke Screen,” a gorgeous slate gray. Use as a stand-alone color or as a mixer to create a whole palette of smoky shades.


The line comes in 11 beautiful shades plus a Pro Pastel-izer/Mixer to “pastel-ize” any Manic Panic Professional color, or to add shine. It can be used as a conditioner and/or as a color-lock treatment. The colors are:

• Red Velvet: (Bright cherry red)
• Solar Yellow: (Medium true yellow)
• Serpentine: (Medium true green)
• Blue Bayou: (Medium turquoise)
• Celestine Blue: (Deep indigo blue)
• Blue Velvet: (Deep violet based blue)
• Velvet Violet: (Medium blue based violet)
• Love Power Purple: (Medium red based violet)
• Divine Wine: (Medium violet based red)
• Pussycat Pink: (Bright Neon pink)
• Smoke Screen: (Deep gray)


For more information, visit manicpanicprofessional.com.

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