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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Foil Bleeds & Uneven Blends? Use These 3 Foil Placement Techniques

Cassandra McGlaughlin @cassanraplatinum How To Video Foil Placement Technique Video Redken Symposium 2019
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Watch The Live Demo: 3 Foil Placement Techniques From @cassandraplatinum
You’ve learned traditional foil placement techniques in beauty school—why not add some fresh and creative approaches to your color arsenal? We’re dishing out three different placement tips that will help you maximize impact around the hairline, work more efficiently and a foil folding technique to prevent bleeds and slipping.


Redken Brand Ambassador, blonder and corrective color specialist Cassandra McGlaughin (@cassandraplatinum) is teaching it all in this demo from Redken Symposium 2019. Get the tips, check the timestamps and watch the entire video below! 

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Watch The Live Demo Below!


1. Hairline Foil Placement (0:05)

Start babylights with a horizontal foil at the hairline. Instead of working in a traditional foil placement method, working directly on top of the previous foil, shift from one side to the other for a more rounded placement. This will help you achieve better coverage at the recessions and make sure the corners aren’t cut off.


2. Work In Alternating Triangles For Maximum Impact (1:02)
Opposed to working off of a Mohawk section, Cassandra suggests this on both sides—start from the bottom and work all the way up on a horizontal diagonal section. Alternate weaving front and back triangular sections, continuing to square off the side section as you move up the head with the same pattern.


This will help you maximize impact and coverage by using less foils. “Each foil is doing the work of three foils because of where it’s covering,” shares Cassandra. 


3. Foil Folding Tip To Prevent Bleeds & Slipping (3:30)
To prevent foils from slipping and bleeding, use this folding technique to create a secure low-profile foil that hugs the round of the head. Follow these steps:

  • Take a triangular section and weave off the top.
  • Fold the foil 3/4 of the way up, then fold all the way up.
  • Create a third “light” fold and press onto the corners, not the bottom of the foil where the product is.
  • Adjust the lip underneath with a tail comb.


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