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Last updated: March 03, 2021

Paul Mitchell Appoints New CEO & Artistic Directors

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John Paul Mitchell Systems Announces New Leadership Roles

John Paul Mitchell Systems has announced new leadership roles including Michaeline DeJoria as CEO and Jason Yates as the new company President. Artists Paula Peralta (@hairbypaulaperalta) and John Mosley (@popular_nobody) were also appointed as new Artistic Directors


Michaeline, daughter of JPMS co-founder John Paul DeJoria, has been with the company since 2007, working in every department leading to her most recent role as Vice Chairman. In this role, Michaeline oversaw major COVID-19 relief efforts including a $4 million salon relief jumpstart stimulus package, as well as a global sustainability pledge, launching the brand’s first-ever clean beauty line Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty and announcing model Winnie Harlow as the brand’s first-ever Global Ambassador. 


As one of the youngest CEOs in the industry, Michaeline will use her unique expertise and perspective to bring a new era of innovation and global brand strategies to the iconic haircare brand.


“This is a tremendous honor, and a lifelong dream of mine,” says Michaeline. “I have a huge amount of passion and dedication to this company, and to our industry, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to take us to new heights. JPMS™ will continue to think outside the box and show year over year growth. I look forward to reimagining our future and pushing us to new bounds, while of course maintaining the beautiful ethos that this company was founded on.”


Jason Yates has been announced as the new company President for JPMS.


Jason Yates who has been with the company since 2012, began his career with JPMS as Vice President of Marketing and later expanded his role to include the sales department. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2018 and will continue to oversee the company’s daily worldwide operations as President.


As Artistic Directors, Paula and John will join Robert Cromeans, Angus Mitchell and others to provide hairdressers with creative direction and business-building education. 


Paula, who is a graduate of Paul Mitchell The School, is a successful salon owner and educator. Specializing in curls, Paula emphasizes the importance of connection, whether behind the chair or onstage. 


Paula educating onstage, has joined the JPMS Artistic Director Team.


“From my first moments as a Future Professional at Paul Mitchell the School until now, I have admired and been inspired by a long line of Paul Mitchell® Artistic Directors. I am honored and delighted that JPMS™ has invited me to join and contribute to such a rich heritage. We’re in an exciting moment in time, and I am looking forward to everything we will create together to celebrate and elevate hairdressers and the beauty industry,” shares Paula.


John, who was named Barbercon Educator of the Year 2019, hopes to use his new role to inspire and educate the next generation of young barbers. 


John, here onstage with Robert Cromeans, has joined the JPMS Artistic Director Team.


“I’m honored and thankful that a company like JPMS would look at all the things I bring to the table and see my value. Taking on this new role means a great deal to me. There’s no time to waste—we have a job to do, and it starts with my passion and love for this industry.”