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Last updated: April 05, 2024

John Paul Mitchell Systems Launches Sustainable Restage Of Tea Tree Line

John Paul Mitchell System restages Tea Tree Line
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Photo Courtesy of JPMS

John Paul Mitchell Systems Reinforces Commitments To Sustainability With New Environmental Efforts

John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) has just launched a sustainable restage of their industry-beloved line: The Tea Tree Collection, an aromatic line of botanical-inspired hair and body care products featuring Australian tea tree, has new elevated branding, updated imagery and packaging from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. Learn about their updates to the line below!


Increased PCR Packaging, Recycling Efforts & Accessibility:

The Tea Tree bottles and jars are now made with 100 percent PCR and the tubes are made with 25 percent PCR.** Additional packaging design features new labels designed not to be removed before recycling, making it easier to recycle. Plus, the shampoo and conditioner bottles feature a raised “S” and “C” differentiator to increase accessibility.


The newly refreshed packaging launches with the best-selling Tea Tree Special line. Tea Tree Special is also now available in reusable aluminum bottles—the ideal complement to the refill pouches made with 75 percent less plastic.**** Additionally, the award-winning shampoo now comes in a convenient bar form crafted with ingredients of 95 percent natural origin,***** less water (compared to liquid shampoo) and zero plastic packaging.


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Photo Credit: Instagram via @paulmitchellpro


Sustainability Efforts Across JPMS:

JPMS is committed to creating the highest-quality haircare products for professionals and consumers while revolutionizing sustainable packaging, respecting human rights, decarbonizing operations and restoring the ecosystems and communities where the brand operates. The company’s “Regenerative Roots” program was created to ensure that JPMS leaves the planet in a better place than how it was found, with a “Sustainability Scorecard” as a public benchmark highlighting their continuous efforts.


“I am thrilled about our JPMS Sustainability Scorecard, which showcases our journey in creating a better world for our employees and salon partners, local communities and the planet. This report provides a detailed account of the progress we have made in four main areas of impact—reducing our use of virgin plastic, decarbonizing our operations, reducing the amount of waste we send to the landfill and responsible sourcing of ingredients and materials. We believe that sustainability is not a single initiative, but a fundamental principle that must guide everything we do,” shares Michaeline DeJoria, CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems.


John Paul Mitchell System restages Tea Tree Line
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @paulmitchellpro

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*In the US, based on Kine data Q1 2022-Q2 2023
**Retail sizes only. Excludes glass bottles, tubes, pumps, caps and closures.
***Based on 2023 John Paul Mitchell Systems sales worldwide through authorized points of purchase and profession distribution
****PTIS Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment Comparison of Tea Tree Pouches vs. Tea Tree liter bottles based on 3rd party evaluation using EcoImpact-COMPASS®. Based on U.S. data.
*****Based on ISO 16128.

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