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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Sculpted Textured Ringlets by Rodney Cutler for ULTA

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Sculpted Textured Ringlets by Rodney Cutler for ULTA

Rodney Cutler knows just how to keep curls looking healthy and frizz-free. In this cutting and styling how-to he explains exactly how he gets the job done and done right! Read the Article: Rodney Cutler Talks Texture: Tricks, Tips and Techniques


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    Prior to the haircut, prep the hair using Redken Real Control Shampoo and Chemistry Shot.

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    Part the hair directly in the center from front to back. Next, create a horseshoe shaped section on top extending from the front hairline, just above the outside corner of each eye, top and crown area. Last, create a horizontal section starting just above the nape area (at the top of the ear) creating a total of 6 sections.

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    Starting in the nape, drop right section and split in half horizontally. Clip upper half of section out of your way. Use your fingers to rake through the hair (avoid stretching the hair smooth, you should see the wave pattern). Cut hair using the tip of your shears in small “bites” out of the center of the section in a bricklayer pattern alternating short and long pieces. Once complete, unclip the upper half of section and repeat. Repeat of left side. After nape is complete, move up to the next section. Repeat steps 1 & 2 in all remaining sections.

    Trim ends: With curly hair, it’s best to trim dry ends once the overall shape is placed in the haircut. Create a soft looking edge; avoid hard lines by either point cutting with a very sharp blade.

    Hot tip: For best results on curly hair, maintain and enhance the curl pattern during the haircut. It also works well to do the haircut on hair that has been diffused dry to enhance the curl pattern.

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    On damp hair, blend a mixture of Redken curl wise 14 curl defining cream and Redken glass 01 smoothing serum, then apply from scalp to ends working through with fingers and a wide tooth comb to ensure even distribution.

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    Work with 1 inch square sections and clip remaining hair out of the way for control. Comb and stretch out each section of hair flat and smooth.

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    Twist this ribbon of hair around index finger in a spiral or corkscrew fashion. Gently slide the corkscrew off your finger and repeat throughout the hair.

    Note: When twisting your hair around your finger, wrap gently so it will slide off your finger with ease.

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    Allow set to dry completely with diffuser of under a hood dryer. Once dry, gently separate curls using fingers only. Do not comb as it will cause the set to frizz.

    Lock the style into place by using Redken fashion work 12 versatile working spray.