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March 15, 2012

Razored Layers Cut and Color How-To from Pivot Point


Razored Layers Cut and Color How-To from Pivot Point

This long, layered look from Pivot Point International is an absolute must for any stylist to master. Why? While the look may be a common request, it’s also a cut that allows you as the stylist the chance to personalize, to tailor the cut to suit your client’s needs. In this case, the cut features soft, razor-cut layers that reduce bulk while maintaining a strong perimeter form line. To accent the layers, subtle mahogany tones were added. Click through and learn how you can replicate this classic!


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    This look familiar? The model’s hair has grown out from a previous cut, and she’s in need of a new shape and color, and fast!

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    In the back exterior, converge wide vertical partings. Project at a 45-degree angle and razor etch vertically. Work to one side, sculpting each parting individually, then work to the other side.

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    Use vertical partings on one side and distribute forward. Converge to a nonparallel stationary design line and razor etch. Repeat on the opposite side.

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    In the interior sculpt a uniform, stationary design line. Converge subsequent diagonal partings to the stationary line.

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    Air form the hair. Sculpt the nape lengths in solid form. Then, take vertical partings and slide cut to blend the increase layers to the solid perimeter.

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    Alternate natural hair with diagonal slices of Level 6 red copper and lightener. Use two slices of lightener to every slice of copper. Apply Level 5 caramel brown to the remaining lengths, excluding the hair between the foils. Process, rinse, shampoo and condition prior to styling.

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    Finished Look

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    Finished Look