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Last updated: February 15, 2018

How-To: Hidden Internal Layers

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Phillip Wilson is back with his unique double-comb technique, this time showing you how to create a cut that looks like it’s all one length, but with internal layers that add movement and texture (even to super-straight hair) when your client wants to show it off. The ColorProof Evolved Color Care Creative Director created a full step-by-step below exclusively for BTC, and as usual, it’s packed with super useful tips!


Make sure to watch the whole technique, and remember the following:


  • Phillip works with shears to create the cut’s frame, then switches to a razor for the internal layering part. He recommends 7-inch shears!
  • Cutting outside of the combs creates a softer layer, while inside of the combs creates a more dramatic look.
  • Finish with a cocktail of ColorProof PowerSculpt® Hard Hold Gel and ColorProof FiberBlast® Texture Cream to really bring out the texture and movement you created, or blow it smooth with ColorProof HeatProof® Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Crème to show off the length.
  • This technique is definitely a “moneymaker,” as Phillip puts it, so try it out and practice! It’s not a super technical way of cutting—“there’s no set agenda, it’s by eye and feel,” he adds.
Artist: Phillip Wilson
Manufacturer: ColorProof, @colorproofhair



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