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July 29, 2014

Long Trim Pompadour


Long Trim Pompadour

Sharp, sleek and a little bit bad, this long pomp is cut to perfection and seasoned with a healthy helping of rock and roll. Discover how the Schorem Barbers of Rotterdam create one of their most requested cuts. It’s part of the collection of 10 signature haircuts by Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier.




Artist: schorem-barbers


  • 1

    Saturate the hair thoroughly. Starting at the hairline behind the ear, cut clipper-over-comb, working parallel to the hairline. Graduate the hair from shortest at the hairline to longest at the round (parietal ridge) of the head.

  • 2

    Using this area as the guide, continue to cut clipper-over-comb from the hairline at the nape to the round (occipital ridge) of the head at the back. Connect to the area behind the ear on the opposite side and repeat the process.

  • 3

    Create a vertical section at the center back. Lift the hair to 90 degrees, and continue the short to long progression from the occipital to the crown.



  • 4

    Using the previous section as the guide, work toward the ear, lifting each section to 90 degrees. Continue to cut using vertical sections until you reach the front hairline at the temple. 

  • 5

    Using the length established at the crown as a starting point, section from the crown to the front hairline down the center of the head.

  • 6

    Angle the fingers upward toward the front and cut from the previously established length at the crown to create the longest length at the front hairline.

  • 7

    Direct all hair at the top of the head straight up using the previous section as the guide. This will create additional weight as the head rounds to meet the graduated sides.

  • 8

    Blend and round the weight where the layered top meets the graduated sides. Round off all corners and points.



  • 9

    Using a seven or nine row brush (depending on the hair thickness), blow-dry the hair up and back for lift and fullness.

  • 10

    If working on very thick hair, soften and lighten the ends with a blending shear. Continue until the hair is visually responsive. This should only be done on the outer edges of each section, not on the midlengths or ends.

  • 11

    Using an edger or a straight razor, clean and strengthen sideburns and/or beard and moustache.

  • 12

    Using a straight edge razor, clean the nape of the neck of any stray hairs and strengthen the perimeter line from ear to nape.

  • 13

    Apply liberal amounts of Reuzel Medium Hold Grease from front to back, roots to ends.

  • 14

    Sculpt the hair into place using a cutting comb and hands.

  • 15

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